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    Accounting Restructuring Charges

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    Hi can someone take a look at the below explanation for the reason why our restructuring charges decrease from Q1 vs. Q2? Does the explanation make sense? Does the wording sound good?

    The $8M (1768%) decrease in Restructuring Expenses is driven by cost savings initiatives that were put in place throughout Q1'09 that have slowly started to dwindle in Q2'09. These initiatives included (1) the closing of the Call Center (2) vacated Building D to consolidate office into BRN Building, (3) CIP Impairment true-up, and (4) George accrual for cost to put building back to its original condition. The main components of the expenses were severance, lease cancellation costs and fixed asset impairments.

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    This explanation does not make sense. Restructuring charges are associated with company acquiring some other company ...

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