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Under/over applied overhead

Can you help me get started with this assignment? SamMart., which uses a predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor hours, estimated total overhead for the year to be $5,000,000 and total direct labor hours to be 200,000 hours. Calculate SamMart's predetermined overhead rate. In March, SamMart incurred actual overhead

Differential Analysis for Make or Buy

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Company A manufactures 5,000 cell phones a year. The manufacturing costs are as follows: Direct materials $ 2 Direct labor 8 Variable manufacturing overhead 5 Average fixed manufacturing overhead 5 Total $20 Company B offered to sell Company A 5,000 cell

Financial Statement Account Identification: Marking Accounts

Mark each of the accounts listed in the attached table as follows: a. In column (1) indicate in which statement - income statement (IS) or balance sheet (BS) the account belongs b. In column (2) indicate whether the account is a current asset (CA), current liability (CL), expense (E), fixed asset (FA), long term debt (LTD)

Davis, Incorporated: Variable Interest Entities and Stock Transactions

Davis, Incorporated, acquired 16,000 shares of Maxwell company several years ago. At the present time, Maxwell is reporting $800,000 as total stockholders' equity, which is broken down as follows: Common Stock ($10 par value) ..............$200,000 Additional paid-in capital..................230,000 Retained earnings......

Calculations for AFN

See attached file for detailed problem and requirements. XYW Company has the following December 31st balance sheet: ($000) Cash $ 41 A/P $ 335 A/R 160 Accruals 150 Inventory 450 Long-term Debt 246 Net Fixed Assets 650 Common Equity 570 Total liabilities

Fast Food Companies: Profit In Low Income Areas

How do fast food companies turn a profit in low income areas? Can you think of any legal issues that might be of conern to a company looking to cut corners in low income areas to help their profit margin?

Computing Basic EPS

1. Dublin Inc. had the following common stock record during the current calendar year: Outstanding - beginning of year 2,000,000 Additional shares issued 6/30 100,000 Additional shares issued 9/30 100,000 A 10% stock dividend was paid on December 1. What is the number of shares to be us

Break Even Point in Dollars

Dr. Aleda Roth, a prolific author, is considering starting her own publishing company. She will call it DSI Publishing, Inc. DSI estimated costs are: Fixed $250,000.00 Variable cost per book $20.00 Selling price per book

L.L. Sams Company & Melinda Garcia Career have sought business loans from you.

Details: The proprietors of two businesses, L.L. Sams Company and Melinda Garcia Career Services, have sought business loans from you. To decide whether to make the loans, you have requested their balance sheets. I attached balance sheet. Solely on the basis of these balance sheets, to which entity would you be more comfortab

Effective evaluation systems for managers: residual income, performance reports

Discussion Question 1 The executive management team of your company has completed its annual evaluations of each division's performance using residual income measures. The division managers were ranked according to the residual income in each division. All division managers with residual income in the upper half of the ranki

Three business situations: How to detect, prevent and deal with employee fraud

1. Yvette, a CEO of a large manufacturing company, recently attended a seminar about fraud prevention. She suspects that frauds have already been committed in her company. She decided one technique she would use to help uncover the fraud and prevent future frauds in her company, is to conduct interviews of employees. She realize

Tax Breaks

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Is there really that much of a difference between offering tax breaks and other countries offering low wages? Both locales are offering what they have available, tax control vs. wage control. Both would benefit greatly from the added income, but the foreign country would resul

Natural monopoly examples

Can you help me get started with this assignment? What is natural monopoly? Can you give some examples for natural monopoly? Economists usually favor private ownership to public ownership of natural monopolies, why is it?

Payroll Accounting

Can you help me understand this question? Employee earnings records for Brantley Company reveal the following gross earnings for four employees through the pay period of December 15. C. Mays $83,500 D. Delgado $86,100 L. Jeter $85,600 T. Rolen $87,000 For the pay period ending December 31, each employee's gross earnin

What is the relationship between average and marginal productivity?

Can you help me get started with this assignment? What is the relationship between average and marginal productivity? "Where marginal product exceeds average productivity, average productivity rises. And where marginal productivity is less than average productivity, average productivity declines when the variable input in

MA_U10_39-43: factory overhead, volume variance, standard costs, profit center

MA_U10_39-43: please see attachment for problems. 39. The standard factory overhead rate is $10 per direct labor hour ($8 for variable factory overhead and $2 for fixed factory overhead) based on 100% capacity of 30,000 direct labor hours. The standard cost and the actual cost of factory overhead for the production of 5,000 u

calculating Taxable income

During 2007 Richard and Debbie, who are married and have two dependent children, have the following income and losses: Total salaries $130,000 Bank account interest 25,000 Short-term capital gains 4,000 Short-term capital losses (1,500) They also in

Chan Manufacturing: Variable and Absorption Costing

Can you help me understand this question? Variable & Absorption Costing Chan Manufacturing Company data for 20X7 follow: Sales : 12,000 units at $17 each Actual Production 15,000 units Expected volume of production 18,000 units Manufacturing costs incurred Variable $120,000

Calculating Earnings per Share for Callaway Golf

The following information is available for Callaway Golf Company for the years 2004 and 2003. (Dollars are in thousands, except share information.) 2004 2003 Net sales $934,564 $814,032 Net income (loss) (10,103) 45,523 Total a

Like-Kind Property: which exchange transactions qualify under Sec 1031?

Which of the following exchanges qualify as like-kind exchanges under Sec. 1031? a. Acme Corporation stock held for investment purposes for Mesa Corporation stock also held for investment purposes b. A motel used in a trade or business for an apartment complex held for investment c. A pecan orchard in Texas used in a tr