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    Describe accounting problems with recommendations for NASA

    See attached article for reference. According to NASA's former auditor, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), NASA's finances are a mess, with major errors in its last financial statements and insufficient documentation. NASA's chief of internal financial management has maintained that the problems resulted from a difficult transitio

    Statistics of Attitudes of Gun Control

    If one study claimed 7 out of 8 people (88%) surveyed stated they were against gun control and another study claimed 800 out of 1600 people (50%) were against gun control, which result would you feel is more accurate in the sense of describing the attitudes of the general population? Explain.

    Operating Segments of an Enterprise

    Explain operating segments of an enterprise. How does SFAS No. 131 define an operating segment? What thresholds must be met for an operating segment to be a reportable segment?

    What are the purposes of accounting codes? How are they used?

    What are the purposes of accounting codes? How are they used? Provide an example. What type of source documents does the business you work for use for AIS? Are the documents paper-based, electronic, or other? Why does the business use those specific documents? Please give example and reference.

    Tax Problem: Barney and Jones loss for 2008

    The partnership of Barney and Jones realized an ordinary loss of $42,000 in 2008. Both the partnership and the two partners are on a calendar-year basis. The partners materially participate in the partnership's activities and share profits and losses equally. At December 31, 2008, Barney had an adjusted basis of $18,000 for his

    Budget and overhead questions

    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding these questions, please help. 1. Which of the following is not a method that can reasonably be used to forecast sales? 1. trends in the company's sales data 2. mathematical models adjusted by an experienced manager using professional judgment 3. flexible budgets

    Cash Receipts for Chesterfield Company

    I'm trying to complete these questions from my homework and I am having a very difficult time, please help. 1. The Chesterfield Company uses standard costing. Overhead is applied at $12 per machine hour. Data for the month of March follows:? Actual overhead costs $ 97,000 ? Standard machine hours allowed for actual production


    Need help with this Problem P4-2A . from chp 4 I need to do question a from that

    Accounting for and presentation of owners' equity

    E8.4 Calculate retained earnings from the following data, calculate the retained earnings balance as of 12/31/2008 Retained earnings, 12/31/2009.........................................$490400 Net decrease in total assets during 2009............................$74800 Net increase in accounts receivable in 2009.............

    Calculate Faster's book value and purchase price

    Details: Because Leeds Corporation has decided to purchase Emily and Richard's 80% ownership of Faster Distribution Company for $90,000 in excess of book value, complete the following tasks: Calculate Faster's book value and purchase price. Use the journal entries to record the purchase of Faster at date of acquisition and

    Depreciation Deductions: Gross Profit Under Percentage

    In 2007, Tiger Corporation, a calendar-year taxpayer, purchases and places into service machinery with a 7-year life that cost $268,000. The mid-quarter convention does not apply. Tiger elects to depreciate the maximum under Sec. 179. Tiger's taxable income for the year before the Sec. 179 deduction is $150,000. What is Tiger's

    Calculate tax liability

    Your corporation had the following cash flows last year: Operating income $2,500,000 Interest received 100,000 Interest paid 450,000 Dividends received 200,000 Dividends paid 500,000 Your firms pays taxes at a rate of 40% (federal and state combined) and was profitable last year. Calculate the firm's corpor

    EBIT sensitivity

    Stewart Industries sells its finished product for $9 per unit. Its fixed operating costs are $20,000, and the variable operating cost per unit is $5. a. Calculate the firm's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) for sales of 10,000 units. b. Calculate the firm's EBIT for sales of 8,000 and 12,000 units, respectively. c.

    Cost Concepts and Application

    Osgood, Inc. makes a gourmet dark chocolate syrup that is sells to coffee shops for use in making gourmet coffee drinks. Fixed costs for this product are estimated to be $180,000. The syrup is sold in cases of 12 bottles for $30. Variable costs are estimated at $1.00 per bottle. Required: In a memo to management, provide

    Smiley Corporation: Compute deferred tax liability for machine depreciation

    1. Smiley Corporation purchased a machine on January 2, 2006, for $2,000,000. The machine has an estimated 5-year life with no salvage value. The straight-line method of depreciation is being used for financial statement purposes and the following MACRS amounts will be deducted for tax purposes: 2006 $400,000 2009

    Liberty International Investment Properties

    Companies following international accounting standards are permitted to revalue fixed assets above the assets' historical costs. Such revaluations are allowed under various countries' standards and the standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Liberty International, a real estate company, headquart

    Cole, Inc. owes Henry Co: compute gain or loss on settlement

    Cole, Inc., which owes Henry Co. $600,000 in notes payable with accrued interest of $54,000, is in financial difficulty. To settle the debt, Henry agrees to accept from Cole equipment with a fair value of $570,000, an original cost of $840,000, and accumulated depreciation of $195,000. Instructions (a) Compute the gain

    Intermediate Accounting II: Howe Company & Vertex Company

    1. In March 2007, an explosion occurred at Howe Co.'s plant, causing damage to area properties. By May 2007, no claims had yet been asserted against Howe. However, Howe's management and legal counsel concluded that it was reasonably possible that Howe would be held responsible for negligence, and that $4,000,000 would be a reaso

    Intermediate Accounting II: Tripez Corporation

    Tripez Corporation, a manufacturer of household paints, is preparing annual financial statements at December 31, 2007. Because of a recently proven health hazard in one of its paints, the government has clearly indicated its intention of having Tripez recall all cans of this paint sold in the last six months. The management of T

    Equilibrium price and quantity, elastic demand, inelastic supply

    1. Suppose the demand is Q = 10 - P and the supply is Q = P + 4. Please verify that the following table gives the quantity demanded and supplied at each given prices. What is the equilibrium price and quantity sold under perfect competition? Price Quantity Quantity Supplied Demanded 1 5 9 1.5 5.5 8.5 2 6 8 2.5 6.5 7.5

    BUGusa: Has Walter committed any torts against Steve?

    Walter, a security guard for BUGusa, learns that Steve really works for WIRETIME. Walter takes Steve to a small soundproof room where he keeps him for six hours. During this time, Walter continues to ask Steve what he is doing at BUGusa and what information he has given WIRETIME. Walter tells Steve that he will hurt him if he do

    Cost Accounting for Product Grades

    Exhibit 1 Selected product grades with production and financial data Product (Grade) Caliper Coated/Uncoated Slit Average Reels per Batch Material Cost per Reel Selling Price per Reel A 0.013 Coated Yes 50 $4,800 $12,600 B 0.014 Uncoated No 2

    S Corporation Individual Tax Return

    Peter Sam owns 60% of a calendar year S corporation during 2007. His stock basis on December 31, 2006 is $17,000, and his debt basis is $2,000. If the S corporation incurs a $48,000 loss for 2007, what amount may Peter Sam deduct on his individual tax return?

    Calculate the direct materials price and usage variances

    Balt Company used 5,000 pounds of Material H to produce 800 units of Product C8 last period. The company has established the standard of using 7 pounds of Material H per unit of C8, at a price of $7.50 per pound. During the period the inventory for Material H decreased by 2,000 pounds. The firm spent $25,000 during the period t