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    Tax: home office; difference in avoidance & evasion

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    11. Are you qualified to claim a home office deduction if you have another full-time office? Explain.

    12. What is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?

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    11. The deduction for a home office has been a disputed part of tax law for many years, and it continues to be that way except there is a little better direction from the case law in recent years. A home office that is the principal place of business and used exclusively for business on a regular basis is well defined as an acceptable deduction.

    The home office, as you defined it, is still a debatable issue. Your problem did not state whether the taxpayer is an employee or a self-employed person. Home offices for an employee present difficult circumstances to support a deduction The famous Soliman Supreme Court case was sustained in favor of Soliman who was a doctor with an office at the hospital to see patients. His home office was used for ...

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