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Supervisor Micro Production uses the weighed -average method in its process costing system. During January, the Delta Assembly Department completed its processing of 25,000 units and transferred them to the next department.The cost of beginning inventory and the costs added during January amounted to $599,780 in total. The endi

Activity-Based Costing and Management

I have attached the problem (5-48). I do not need the answers on the attachment but the two below. 1. Utilizing ABC, how much overhead is assigned to the order for men's razors? 2. Utilizing ABC, how much overhead is assigned to the order for women's razors?

Accounting Questions

See attached file for full problem description. 1. "Generally accepted" in the phrase generally accepted accounting principles means that the principles a. are proven theories of accounting. b. have substantial authoritative support. c. have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service. d. have been approved for us

Capital Gain Rules and Tax Calculations

You are in the 28% income tax bracket and pay long-term capital gains taxes of 15%. What are the taxes owed or save in the current year for each of the following sets of transactions a) You buy 100 shares of ZYX for $10 and after seven months sell it on 12/31,200x, for $23. You buy 100 shares of WER for $10 and after 15 month


Mugs and More sells a large variety of coffee mugs. Larry Hooper, the owner, is thinking of expanding his sales by hiring local high school students, on a commission basis, to sell coffee mugs bearing the name and mascot of the local high school. These coffee mugs would have to be ordered from the manufacturer six weeks in a

Managerial Accounting

Use the following information for questions 18-19. Becker Company developed the following data for the current year: Beginning work in process inventory $ 60,000 Direct materials used 36,000 Actual overhead 72,000 Overhead applied 54,000 Cost of goods manufactured 66,000 Total manufacturing costs 180,000

Accounting: Micro Corporation

Two years ago, Micro Corporation granted its employee, Alisa, 20,000 incentive stock options with an exercise price of $15 per share. The stock is currently trading at $40 per share, but Alisa expects that it will continue to increase. She wants to exercise her options this year and can either exercise them now or wait until lat

Accounting Employee Payroll

The following information is for employee Mary Ryan for the week ended March 15. Total hours worked: 48 Rate: $15 per hour, with double time for all hours in excess of 40 Federal income tax withheld: $200 United Fund deduction: $50 Cumulative earnings prior to current week: $6,400 Tax rates: Social

Accounting Questions

See attached file for full problem description. 1 A company has the following capital structure $ 50 000 ordinary $ 10 shares 500 000 1000 000 5% convertible loan stock 1 000 000 One half of the loan stock holders converted at the rate of three new ordinary shares of $ 10 each per $ 100 of l

Advanced Business Taxation

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words in your explanation. What is meant by accounting period for tax purposes? What are the general rules regarding selection of an accounting period for tax purposes?

Valuation: Determining Expected EPS & Growth Forecast for Ticker

Please show me and explain briefly how to determine the estimated Growth Rate & EPS for "Whole Foods Markets" (Ticker Symbol: WFMI). [attached Excel file contains the 3 Financial Statements] I'd just like to see the procedure (or models) and the explanation/justification for the projected estimates you've derived.

Computing projected operation profit and break-even points

Can you help me get started with this project? JetSet Travel, Inc. expects to become very successful in the manufacture and sales of its new luggage line. This luggage will be sold at about $300 per set. JTI executive staff has asked you to provide them a slide presentation in the next staff meeting which gives calculati

Accounting for depreciation on vending machines

On March 15, year 1, James Smith formed a business to rent and service vending machines. In April of year 1, James bought 20 venting machines for $60,000; in April of year 2, he bought 20 more machines for $65,000; in June of the current year, he purchased 10 more vending machines for $35,000. All vending machines have a seve

Marking up Merchandise

Compare and contrast the three methods of marking up merchandise (based on cost, based on selling price, and marking up perishables).

Wilderness Guide Services, Inc. and SAL Inc

As the CFO of SAL Inc., you discover a misstatement that overstated net income in the prior year's financial statements. The misleading financial statements appear in the company's annual report that was issued to banks and other creditors less than a month ago. After much thought about the consequences of telling the president

Eliminating Entries with Negative Goodwill & Push-Down Accounting

E4-6 Eliminating Entries with Negative Goodwill Snow Corporation purchased all of Cogner Corporation's voting shares on January 1, 2002, for $365,000. At that time Cogner reported common stock outstanding of $80,000 and retained earnings of $130,000. The book value of Cogner's assets and liabilities approximated their fair

Costs of Capital

When would a firm use different costs of capital for different divisions with the firm? If the firm was to try to determine cost of capital for different divisions, what problems could occur? What techniques could you use to estimate each divisions cost of capital?

Don't let the tax tail wag the dog

The four "maxims" of tax planning are relatively straightforward, and don't need rehashing here. The text also mentions considering "nontax" factors, which is often times a very important and very overlooked aspect of the decision making process. There is a saying common among CPAs that goes "don't let the tax tail wag the

Healthcare economics and accounting

1. Trade credit terms quoted as "3/15, net 45" means the customer: A. Would receive a 3% discount if payment is made within 15 days. B. Would receive a 3/15 or one-fifth discount if payment is made immediately after receiving the shipment. C. Would receive a 3% discount if the net amount is paid

Cash Receipts and Payment of Personal Expenses

6.47 Employee Embezzlement via Cash Receipts and Payment of Personal Expenses. This case gives the problem, the method, the audit trail, and the amount. In this case, you can assume you have received the informant's message. Your task is to write the "audit approach" portion of the case, organized around these sections: Objec

Gap Analysis

What is a Gap Analysis ? How do you determine the gap between the current situation and the end state goals? What is an end state goal?? What are some tentative possibilities? Please give some examples and site any references if using any.

Assets, Depreciation and Cost of Land.

BE8-1. Included in the December 31 trial balance of Billie Joel Company are the following assets. Cash 190,000 Equipment (net) 1,100,000 Work in process 200,000 Receivable (net) 400,000 Prepaid insurance 41,000 Patents 110,000 Raw material 335,000 Finished Goods 150,000 Prepare the current assets section of the Decembe

Accounting - Taxation

Columbo Corporation, a calendar-year corporation, began business in 2003. With the initial capital contributions from its sole shareholder, it purchased a building on March 12 for $250,000. It also purchased the following items for use in the business. Item Purchase Date Acquisition Cost Office Furniture April 1

Cost Accounting

16. Mossfeet Shoe Company is a single product firm. Mossfeet is predicting that a price increase next year will not cause unit sales to decrease. What effect would this price increase have on the following items for next year? Contribution Break-Even Margin Ratio Point A) Increase Decrease B) Decrease Decrease

Cost Accounting

20. The following information pertains to Nova Company's Cost-Volume-Profit relationships: Breakeven Point in Units Sold 1,000 Variable Expenses per Unit $500 Total Fixed Costs $150,000 How much will be contributed to Net Operating Income by the 1,001st unit sold? A) $650. B) $500. C) $150. D) $ 0.

Evaluating Employees

Why would a CFO be interested in evaluating the employees and employee compensation plans during a due diligence process?"

Accounting for the decline in value

6. Club Co. appropriately uses the equity method to account for its investment in Chip Corp. As of the end of 2004, Chip's common stock had suffered a significant decline in market value, which is expected to be recovered over the next several months. How should Club account for the decline in value? A) Club should switch to