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    The Implications of A Trade Embargo-Country Effects

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    Why would a country impose a trade embargo on another country? What are a trade embargo's typical effects? Discuss an actual instance of a trade embargo on a country.

    Name an industry that experiences economies of scale in production and explain why the industry exhibits this characteristic. What actions can a country's government take which promote or hinder an economies of scale industry?

    At least 200 words please with References.

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    A trade embargo basically means an inability to import or export. Therefore, a country would normally impose a trade embargo on another country as a way of preventing the import and export of goods to and from that country. This usually occurs as retaliation against that country for unethical behaviors, such as human rights violations, for political reasons, to weaken its military, and as a deterrent for undesired behavior (i.e. North Korea and its nuclear threats). ...

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