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    Management Accounting for Virtual Accounting

    Monet Creations Ltd. suffered a fire that destroyed virtually the entire inventory on hand in the warehouse. The fire had also spread to the administration building where much of the accounting records were destroyed. The only information that could be pieced together from some of the computer files follows: Cost of Goods Sol

    Management Accounting Problems

    Latrec Ltd. uses a process costing system and reported an opening work in process inventory of 8,500 physical units (65% complete with respect to conversion). During the period 12,500 units were started. Ending work in process inventory was 50% complete for conversion with 4,000 physical units. All direct materials are added at

    Analysis to figure out if I should make or buy

    Knox Manufacturing incurs unit costs of $15 ($9 variable and $6 fixed) in making a subassembly part for its finished product. A supplier offers to make 10,000 of the assembly part at $11 per unit. If the offer is accepted, all variable costs and $1 of fixed costs per unit will be saved. Instructions (a) Prepare an analysis

    Estates, Trusts and Gifts Tax Problems

    1. Horton dies in 2009, leaving a taxable estate of $3.7 million. In 2002, he made a taxable gift of $100,000 upon which he paid no tax due to the availability of the unified tax credit. Calculate the estate tax due. 2. In June 2009, Roy died in an auto accident while vacationing in Montana. Discuss the tax ramifications o

    Outside Supplier Financials, Operating income, Overhead

    See attached file for complete problems. 2. Is the offer from the outside supplier financially attractive? Why? 3. a) Prepare a report that shows the effect on the company's total net operating income of buying part A55 from the supplier rather than continuing to make it inside the company. b) Which alternative should

    Income statement

    The E-Company manufactures trendy, high-quality moderately priced watches that it sells on the Internet. As the company's senior financial analyst, you are asked to analyze the overall profitability for the current year. The CFO has heard that there are two different approaches for preparing income statement. You are asked to s

    Billy Corporation

    Billy Corporation is a multi-divisional company whose managers have been delegated full profit responsibility and complete autonomy to accept or reject transfers from other divisions. Division X produces 2,000 units of a subassembly that has a ready market. One of these subassemblies is currently used by Division Y for each fina

    Houston Company: Absorption and Variable Costing Net Income

    Houston Company has per-unit fixed and variable manufacturing costs of $40 and $15, respectively. Variable selling and administrative costs are $9 per unit. Consider the two independent cases that follow for the firm. Case A: Variable-costing net income, $110,000; sales, 6,000 units; production, 6,000 units Case B: Variable-c

    Answer the following questions

    1.At 12/31/2006, the financial statements of Dollar Market included the following numbers: Beginning inventory $100,000 Ending inventory 80,000 Cost of goods sold 270,000 Sales revenue 540,000 The company's inventory turnover ratio for the year is a. 2 b. 2.7 c. 3 d. 6 2. Credits

    Variable, Semivariable, and Fixed Costs

    1. A-1 Corporation extracts ore for eight different companies in Colorado. The firm anticipates variable cost for $65 per ton along with annual fixed overhead of $840,000, which is incurred evenly throughout the year. These costs exclude the following semivariable costs, which are expected to total the amounts shown for the hig

    Interim Reporting

    J. J. Kersee Corporation, a publicly traded company, is preparing the interim financial data which it will issue to its stockholders and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the end of the first quarter of the 2006-2007 fiscal year. Kersee's financial accounting department has compiled the following summarized reve

    Actual/actual accrued interest.

    4. An 8% coupon U.S. Treasury note pays interest on May 30 and November 30 and is traded for settlement on August 15. The accrued interest on the $100,000 face value of this note is _________. (Use actual/actual day-count convention) A. $491.80 B. $800.00 C. $983.61 D. $1,661.20 E. none of the above

    AMT Adjustments & Computation of Tax

    AMT Adjustments and computation of Tax. Allen, an unmarried taxpayer filing single, has no dependents and reports the following items on his 2009 federal income tax return: Adjusted gross income $75,000 taxable income 48,000 Regular tax liability 8,18

    Define and explain several budgetary terms

    Governmental accounting gives substantial recognition to budgets, with budgets being recorded in the accounts of the governmental unit. What is meant by "budgetary accounting"? What is the purpose of a governmental accounting system? Why is the budget recorded in the accounts of a governmental unit? Include in your discussion th

    Horizontal and Vertical Analysis of a Balance Sheet

    One summary of the Balance sheet horizontal and vertical and one summary of the income statement horizontal and vertical. Note: a summary statement should tell the story of each statement from both horizontal and vertical of view in "one" summary. The company is Las Vegas Sands Corp. Attached: horizontal and vertical

    Total Overhead Variance

    Reid Shaw Company produces one product, a putter, called the GO-Putter. Shaw uses a standard cost system and determines that it should take one hour of direct labor to produce one GO-Putter. The normal production capacity for this putter is 100,000 units per year. The total budgeted overhead at normal capacity is $800,000 com

    ROI to measure the performance

    The Manning Company uses ROI to measure the performance of its operating division. A summary of the annual reports from the two divisions is shown below. The company's cost of capital is 12%. Division A Division B Capital invested $2400 $4000 Net income

    Payroll Weakness and Control

    Rockfield Construction Company, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, built a Apartment Complex in Boulder City. The construction foreman, Slim Pickins, hired the workers for the project. Pickins had his workers fill out the necessary tax forms and sent the employment documents to the home office. Work on the motel began on May 1

    Series of cost of goods sold sections for companies

    E5-15 Below is a series of cost of goods sold sections for companies B, F, L, and R. B F L R Beginning inventory $ 150 $ 70 $1,000 $ (j) Purchases 1,600 1,080 (g) 43,590 Purchase returns and allowances 40 (d) 290 (k) Net purchases (a) 1,030 6,210 41,090 Freight-in 110 (e) (h) 2,240 Cost of goods purchased (b) 1,280 7,940

    Reporting Intercorporate Investment using Equity Method

    Problem 1 Mark to market accounting: Consider the following information: 1. Giant Motors purchases 5% of Crane Tire Company's common stock for $30 million on January 1,2008. 2. Crane earned $25 million in net income for 2008. 3. Crane pays total dividends of $15 during 2008. 4. The market value of Giant's 5% investment i

    Marc and Michelle's Comprehensive Tax Questions

    Marc and Michelle are married and earned salaries this year (2009) of $64,000 and $12,000, respectively. In addition to their salaries, they received interest of $350 from municipal bonds and $500 from corporate bonds. Marc and Michelle also paid $2,500 of qualifying moving expenses, and Marc paid alimony to a prior spouse in th

    Buttons Corporation: Compute Residual Income for Each Division

    Buttons Corporation has two divisions: Northern and Southern. The minimum rate of return on assets is 10%. Data on the two divisions as follows: Northern Division Southern Division Controllable margin $ 70,000 $ 90,000 Average operating assets $375,000

    Marshall's: Allocate occupancy costs to Miller's department using current method

    See attached file. Marshall's has several departments that occupy all floors of a two-story building that includes a basement floor. Marshall rented this building under a long-term lease negotiated when rental raes were low. The departmental accounting system has a single account, Building Occupancy Cost, in its ledger. The t

    Benefit Pension Plans and Measurements

    One of your friends just came out of a lecture on accounting for defined-benefit pension plans. "I can't believe how complicated that is," she says. "And half of the information used is just a guess. I think we should go back to the cash basis of reporting for these plans. At least it was reliable." Using your knowledge of ho

    Installment-Sales Method and Cost-Recovery Method

    On January 1, 2007, Barkly Company sold property for $200,000. The note will be collected as follows: $100,000 in 2007, $60,000 in 2008, and $40,000 in 2009. The property had cost Barkly $150,000 when it was purchased in 2005. Instructions (a) Compute the amount of gross profit realized each year, assuming Barkly uses the co

    International Tax on Stocks

    Problems: 1. Olson and Johnson are wealthy investors who were born and raised in Sweden. Each owns half of International Lenders, Ltd. ("ILL), a corporation organized and headquartered in Stockholm. ILL makes equity investments and loans all over the world. Several years ago, ILL loaned $100 million to the American Fish Company

    Please provide the solution

    ? Exercise E22-1 E22-1 (Change in Principle-Long-term Contracts) Pam Erickson Construction Company changed from the completed-contract to the percentage-of-completion method of accounting for long-term construction contracts during 2008. For tax purposes, the company employs the completed-contract method and will contin

    Determining Doug's Basis for the Land and Building

    Basis of Property Received as a Gift. Doug receives a duplex as a gift from his uncle. The uncle's basis for the duplex and land is $90,000. At the time of the gift, the land and building have FMVs of $40,000 and $80,000, respectively. No gift tax is paid by Doug's uncle at the time of the gift. a. To determine gain, what is