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    Transfer Price for Billy Corporation

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    Billy Corporation is a multi-divisional company whose managers have been delegated full profit responsibility and complete autonomy to accept or reject transfers from other divisions. Division X produces 2,000 units of a subassembly that has a ready market. One of these subassemblies is currently used by Division Y for each final product manufactured, the latter of which is sold to outsiders for $1,600. Y's sales during the current period amounted to 2,000 completed units. Division X charges Division Y the $1,100 market price for the subassembly; variable costs are $850 and $600 for Divisions X and Y, respectively.

    The manager of Division Y feels that X should transfer the subassembly at a lower price because Y is currently unable to make a profit.

    1. Calculate the contribution margins (total dollars and per unit) of Divisions X and Y, as well as the company as a whole, if transfers are made at market price.
    2. Assume that conditions have changed and X can sell only 1,000 units in the market at $900 per unit. From the company's perspective, should X transfer all 2,000 units to Y or sell 1,000 in the market and transfer the remainder? Note: Y's sales would decrease to 1,000 units if the latter alternative is pursued.

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