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Net Profit as a Percentage to Assets - Effectivness

You have invested $5,000 in the Cog Corporation and $5,000 in the Gear Corporation. Both of these corporations have $100 million in total assets. The Cog Corporation had a net profit of $10 million and the Gear Corporation had a net profit of $5 million. You read their annual reports and both companies had established a goal of

Components of an Organization's Operating Budget

Operating Budgets - Write a 700 to 1,000 word paper that identifies the items incorporated into a security component or department of an organizations operating budget. Such as operating equipment, services, maintenance, phone, mail, office supplies, uniforms, and so forth. - Provide a rationale and justification for each co

Termination and Liquidation of a Business

Good Evening, I'm having a little difficulty understanding this problem. I entered some of the values, but I'm confused. Please advise. The Partnership of Frick, Wilson and Clarke has elected to cease all operations and liquidate it's business property. A balance sheet drawn up at this time shows the following acc

Determining Eliminating Entries (Power Corporation)

Please assist with the following problem. Thank you. Power Corporation acquired 75 percent of Best Company's ownership on January 1, 20X8, for $96,000. At that date, the fair value of Best's buildings and equipment was $20,000 more than book value. Buildings and equipment are depreciated on a 10-year basis. Although goodwil

Consolidation After One Year of Ownership (Pioneer Corporation)

Please assist with the following problem. Pioneer Corporation purchased 80 percent of Lowe Corporation's stock on January 1, 20X2. At that date Lowe reported retained earnings of $80,000 and had $120,000 of stock outstanding. The fair value of its buildings was $32,000 more than the book value. Pioneer paid $190,000 to acqui

Traditional vs ABC Costing: Kalder Products

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Kalder Products manufactures two component parts, AJ40 and AJ60. AJ40 components are being introduced currently, and AJ60 parts have been in production for several years. For the upcoming period, 1,000 units of each product are planned for manufacturing. Assume that the only r

Tax Questions (FEI Rules, Computing Tax, and More...)

1) Mr. A works in Germany for XYZ contracting, an American corporation. He is single and has no dependents. He takes the standard deduction. He made $100,000 in 2009. He did not leave Germany in the year 2009. A) How much of his income can he exclude under the FEI rules? B) Assuming that he has no other income, what is his ta

Preparing Entries for Two Companies

Edmond Company exchanged machinery with an appraised value of $1,755,000, a recorded cost of $2,700,000 and Accumulated Depreciation of $1,350,000 with Rosen Corporation for machinery Rosen owns. The machinery has an appraised value of $1,695,000, a recorded cost of $3,240,000, and Accumulated Depreciation of $1,782,000. Rosen a

Activity Based Costing Assistance

Assistance is needed with some articles which "discusses the good and the bad of ABC, and tries to come to an overall conclusion" based on good decision making. ABC = Activity Based Costing.

Critiquing a Variance Report

I need help with the following problem in the attached document. Critiquing a Variance Report: Several years ago, Westmont Corporation developed a comprehensive budgeting system for profit planning and control purposes. While departmental supervisors have been happy with the system, the factory manager has expressed considerab

PV of a Cash Flow Stream

A rookie quarterback is negotiating his first NFL contract. His opportunity cost is 10%. He has been offered three possible 4-year contracts. Payments are guaranteed, and they would be made at the end of each year. Terms of each contract are as follows: 1 2

Investment decision for your 401 (k) Account At East Coast Yachts

You have been at your job for East Coat Yachts for a week now and have decided you need to sign up for the company's 401(k) plan. Even after your decision with Sarah Brown, the Bledsoe Financial Services Representative, you are still unsure as to which investment option you should choose. Recall that the options available to y

Stock Issues on Investment Account: Tuscola and Arcola

Arcola, Inc., acquires all 40,000 shares of Tuscola Company for 725,000. A year later, when Arcola's equity adjusted balance in its investment in Tuscola issues an additional 10,000 shares to outside investors for 25.00 per share. Which of the following best describes the effect of Tuscola's stock issues on Arcola's investment a

Advance Accounting

Comparative Consolidataed balance sheet data for Iverson, Inc., and its 80 percent owned susidiary Oakley Co. follow: 2011 2010 cash 7000 20000 accounts receivable (net) 55000 38000 merchandise inventory 85000 45000 building a

Advance Accounting: Noncontrolling Interest's Share Computed

The parent company acquires all of a subsidiary's common stock but only 70% percent of its preferred shares. This preferred stock pays a 7 percent annual cumulative dividend. No dividends are in arrears at the current time. How is the noncontrolling interest's share of the subsidiary's income computed? Explain? A: A

Example of Substance Over Form: Variable Interest Entity

An enterprise that holds a variable interest in a variable interest entity (VIE) is required to consolidate the assets, liabilities, revenue, expense, and noncontrolling interest of that entity if: Explain: A: The Vie has issued no voting stock. B: The variable interest held by the enterprise involves a

HCO Media Qualifies VIE

Hillsborough Country Outfitters, Inc., entered into an agreement for HCO Media LLC to exclusively conduct Hillsborough's e-commerce initiatives through a jointly owned (50 percent each) Internet site known as HCO.com. HCO media receives 2 percent of all sales revenue generated through the site up to a maximum of 500,000 per year

Error in accounting

You have completed the auditing of Company A and have found $10,000 purchase of a fixed asset was recorded as maintance expense. The company has $100,000 million in fixed assets, net income of 15 million and total assets of 500,000 million? What should the company do when they find out about this error in accounting?

Taxable income to Smith, Jones, Smith and Earl Litt

1. What three functions does distributable net income serve in fiduciary taxation? 2. What problem does the separate share rule alleviate? 3. Beneficiaries of estates and complex trusts are subject to the tier system of taxation. Explain what is meant by a first- and second- tier beneficiary. 4. The trust instrument re

Why FASB requires the information found in footnotes

Although the basic financial statements for a company may take only four or five pages, some annual reports are now over 200 pages long. You are a staff member at FASB, and you have been asked to respond to a letter that contains the following statement: "You guys need to cut out a lot of the required disclosures. Most footno

Financial reporting problems: Day Ko Incorporated

Please see ** ATTACHED ** file(s) for complete details!! Based on the income statements in attachment, solve the following questions. a. How did 2007 net sales compare to 2006? b. How did 2007 net earnings compare to 2006? c. Calculate the following for 2007 and 2006: 1. Net profit margin 2. Return on assets (using

Determine the effect of transactions on Joe's taxable business income

Joe operates a business that locates and purchases specialized assets for clients, among other activities. Joe uses the accrual method of accounting but he doesn't keep any significant inventories of the specialized assets that he sells. Joe reported the following financial information for his business activities during year 0.

Total contribution margin

Porter Company has provided the following data for the second quarter of the most recent year: Assume that direct labor is a variable cost and that there were no beginning or ending inventories. The total contribution margin of Porter company for the second quarter was? How about the contribution margin? Sales

Problems 4-16: Distinction between exchange and nonexchange revenues

4-16 The distinction between exchange and nonexchange revenues is not always obvious. You are the independent auditor of various governments. You have been asked for your advice on how the following transactions should be accounted for and reported. Characteristic of each transaction is ambiguity as to whether it is an exchan

Recommend action to management of Leastan Company for department closing

Department Closing: Prior to last year, Leastan Company had not kept departmental income statements. To achieve better management control, the company decided to install department-by-department accounts. At the end of the last year, the new account showed that although the business as a whole was profitable, the Dry Goods De

Options for overhead cost allocations (ABC)

Wilkins Corporation manufactures safes-large mobile safes and large walk-in stationary bank safes. As part of its annual budgeting process, Wilkins is analyzing the profitability of its two products. Part of this analysis involves estimating the amount of overhead to be allocated to each product line. The following information r