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Austin Grocers projected net income and growth rate of dividends

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Austin Grocers recently reported the following 2008 income statement (in millions of dollars):

Sales $700
Operating costs including depreciation 500
EBIT $200
Interest 40
EBT $160
Taxes (40%) 64
Net income $ 96
Dividends $ 32
Addition to retained earnings $ 64

This year the company is forecasting a 25% increase in sales; and it expects that its year-end operating costs, including depreciation, will equal 70% of sales. Austin's tax rate, interest expense, and dividend payout ratio are all expected to remain constant.

a. What is Austin's projected 2009 net income?
b. What is the expected growth rate in Austin's dividends?

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Solution Summary

Austin Grocers projected net income and growth rate of dividends are examined.

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