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Financial Management: Preparing Income Statements

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Consider the following income statement for the Heir Jordan Corporation:

Income Statement
Sales $43,800
Costs 34,800
Taxable income $9,000
Taxes (35%) 3,150
Net income $5,850
Dividends $3,300
Addition to retained earnings 2,550

The projected sales growth rate is 12 percent.

Prepare a pro forma income statement assuming costs vary with sales and the dividend payout ratio is constant.

Pro Forma Income Statement
Sales $
Taxable income $
Net income $

What is the projected addition to retained earnings?

Retained earnings $

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Payout Ratio=3300/5850=56.41%

Pro Forma Income Statement
Sales 43800*(1+12%) ...

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Solution prepares a pro forma income statement with the help of given projections. It also calculates the net addition to the retained earnings.

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