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    Analyzing A Company's (Wal-Mart) Financial Report

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    Please assist with the following. Wal-Mart's 2011 Annual Report has to be looked at to answer question. Attempted to upload but the report is 5 MB, which is over the max limit for BrainMass. Can be accessed through this link.

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    Analyzing content provided in Wal-Mart's financial report:

    A financial report is supposed to provide comprehensive information about activities conducted by a firm during previous financial year. Financial reports aim at providing users with adequate information in relation to a firm's activities and how it is performing financially. Companies are required to prepare financial reports after every financial year and the reports should disclose information on various aspects of the business as provided by regulations on financial reporting. Financial reports indicate the financial health of an organization at the end of a financial year.
    There are parts of Wal-Mart's financial report that I did expect to find such as the financial statements and others that I did not expect to find. Form and Content (n.d) provides that the Securities and Exchange Commission is responsible for developing form and content of financial statements and developing accounting rules that govern financial reports.

    The first information provided in Wal-Mart's financial report is management discussion whereby the management of the company highlight the firm's financial health and results. The Securities and Exchange Commission requires an organization to include management discussion in its financial reports whereby performance is highlighted.

    Management discussion contained in Wal-Mart's is lengthy as it aims to comment on numerous aspects that affected the organization's financial performance. Wal-Mart's management discussion provides information on industry in which the company operates and performance metrics within the organization which include growth, returns and leverage. Management discussion also summarizes the company's business segments and sheds light on areas where the company conducts business.

    After proving general information on aspects such as business operations and business segments, the management discussion provides information on specific areas that affect performance, how these areas ...

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