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    Units to be sold

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    MuNu Ltd. manufactures three different products - Oceanus, Tethys and Themis - with the sales mix having remained relatively constant over the past few years.

    Financial results for the past year are:

    Product # of Units Sold Selling Price per Unit Variable Cost per Unit

    Oceanus 95,000 $15 $8
    Tethys 133,000 $22.50 $9.50
    Themis 152,000 $28 $12.50

    Fixed costs are $1,565,000 per period; and the corporate tax rate is 40%. Given the sales mix, how many units of Product Themis must be sold in order to achieve an operating income of $450,000?

    a. 58,720
    b. 64,480
    c. 74,080
    d. 161,200
    e. 260,845

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