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Calculating the Stolen Amount from Cripple Creek Company

Cripple Creek Company has one trusted employee who, as the owner said, "handles all of the bookkeeping and paperwork for the company." This employee is responsible for counting, verifying, and recording cash receipts and payments, making the weekly bank deposit, preparing checks for major expenditures, making small expenditures

Why was the net income larger and how would you react to the controller's action

The controller of Summit Systems Inc. devised a new costing system based on tracing the cost of activities to products. The controller was able to measure post-manufacturing activities, such as selling, promotional, and distribution activities, and allocate these activities to products in order to have a more complete view of th

Regression Analysis for Annual Nursing Salaries

Golden Years Easy Retirement Homes owns several adult care facilities throughout the southeast United States. A budget analyst for Golden Years has collected the data found in the file Dat9-10.xls on your data disk describing for each facility: the number of beds(X1), annual number of medical in-patient days(X2), the total annua

Flow of Costs through Manufacturing Accounts and Operating Income

Please see the attached file. Stone Tools, Inc., had the following account balances as of January 1: Direct Materials Inventory $8,700.00 Work in Process Inventory $76,500.00 Finished Goods Inventory $53,000.00 Manufacturing Overhead $- During the month of January, all of the following occurred:

Fund accounting

What is fund accounting? How does it compare to proprietary accounting? Why is it necessary? What are the major fund types?

Identifying Control Procedures

Identify one or more control procedures (either general or application controls, or both) that would guard against each of the following errors or problems. a. Leslie Thomas, a secretary at the university, indicated that she had worked 40 hours on her regular time card. The university paid her for 400 hours worked that week.

End User Business Applications

Identify and research three different accounting software applications. Compare and contrast each accounting application. Describe the industries and organization size that the application is best suited for. Identify each application's strengths and weakness. Prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint® presentation that documents your ana

Risks in the Electronic fund transfer (EFT) system

The electronic fund transfer (EFT) system includes ATM's, point-of-sale terminals, direct deposits and withdrawals and payments by phone or computer, using PIN numbers instead of signatures. Do you feel the conveniences are worth the risks? How does the UCC deal with electronic transfers?

Cost accounting and variance for Esther Industries

Esther Industries developed the following standards for one of its products: Material 6 feet $15/foot $ 90 Labor 10 hours $12/hour 120 Total variable cost $210 Actual results for September were: Units produced 13,000 Material purchased 40,000 feet for $14.25/foot Material used 80,000 feet Direct Labor 1

Spreadsheet Analysis of the EOQ at the Neighborhood Pharmacy, Inc.

Spreadsheet Analysis of the EOQ at the Neighborhood Pharmacy, Inc. During the relevant planning period, the per unit purchase cost for an important prescribed (ethical) drug is P=$4, the total estimated use for the planning period is X=5,000, the cost of placing an order is $50, and the per unit carrying cost is C=$0.50, cal

APA format. How do I paste spreadsheets into write-up?

I just need to know how to APA format spreadsheets I need to paste into my write-up. A more detailed explanation: A typical homework assignment (MBA accounting) will be to answer four questions which require three to five pages of narrative and inserting, for example, and income statement, 10 or so row reconciliation, and ma

Interim reports

A few years ago, a publishing company in the fourth quarter had a net profit figure that exceeded sales for that quarter. Such a situation as this suggests that some difficult accounting issues are involved in interim reporting. Instructions: (a) What are the major accounting problems related to interim reports? (b) Wh

Powerpoint discussing income tax deductions

Deliverable Length: 10-12 slides with speaker notes and references Details: The local college has requested that someone from your company attend a workshop for college students to discuss income tax deductions. Develop a presentation explaining earned income credit, employee business expenses, charitable contributions, an

CPA attestation of financial forecasts by corporations

Question 1: Forecasts Recent proposals by investors and others have suggested that corporations include financial forecasts in their annual reports. It further has been suggested that the CPA attest to those forecasts. Instructions: (a) What arguments are advanced to support the publication of such forecasts? (b)

Transfer of Depreciable Asset at Beginning of Year

Information derived from Advanced Financial Accounting. 6th Edition, Baker-Lembke-King: E6-9 Transfer of Depreciable Asset at Beginning of Year Frazer Corporation purchased 60 percent of Minnow Corporation's voting common stock on January 1, 20X1, at underlying book value. On January 1, 20X5, Frazer received $245,000 fro

Intercompany Transfer and Route Manufacturing

Route Manufacturing purchased 80 percent of the stock of Hampton Mines Inc. in 20X3. In preparing the consolidated financial statements at the end of 20X5, Route's controller discovered that Route had purchased $75,000 of raw materials from Hampton Mines during the year and that the parent company had not paid for the last purch

Preparing a Production Cost Report

Please helps with the following problems. Month of Dec Units of completion Costs Beginning wip inventory, Dec 20,000 direct materials 80% 200,000 conversion costs 90%

Tootsie Roll and Hershey: calculate and compare the financial ratios

Using the financial statements for Tootsie Roll and Hershey located in Appendix A and B, respectively, you will calculate and compare the financial ratios listed below for the year ended in 2004.In Word, write a two-page analysis evaluating and comparing Hershey's and Tootsie Roll's overall liquidity, solvency, and profitability

Calculations of Earnings Per share

I know the formula is net income minus preferred Dividends / Weighted-Average of Common Shares Outstanding, but how do you get that from this information. Can some one please expalin it to me? A Corporation has outstanding at December 31, 2008, 50,000 shares of $20 par value, cumulative, 8% preferred stock and 200,000 shar

Dependency Exemptions

I need some help with this problem: John and Carole file a joint return in 2007 and have three children: Jack, age 23; David, age 20; and Kristen, age 15. All three children live at home the entire year. Below is information about each of the children: ? Jack: graduated from college in December 2006 and is going to medical

Storage of accounting data

Why is the storage of accounting data important to an accounting information system? Describe some important concerns, and explain why each one is important.

Profit Reports

The company is organized into two lines of business(software and consulting), and profit statements are prepared as follows: software consulting Sales $10,000,000 $5,000,000 Less direct costs 5,000,000 3,