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Prokaryotic Cells


Some species of bacteria that live at the surface of sediment on the bottom of lakes are facultative anaerobes; that is, they are capable of either aerobic or anaerobic respiration. How will their metabolism change during the summer when the deep water becomes anoxic (deoxygenated)? If the bacteria continue to grow at the same

Food Microbiology: Pasteurization

1. What the last definition of pasteurization according to FDA (2005). 2. List 20 antimicrobials used in food manufacturing and specify the maximum allowance of each one in food. 3. What are bacteriocins, list 5 of them and provide examples of applications in foods. 4. List 5 natural antimicrobials us

E. coli; Amino Acid Alanine; Carcinogen; Mutagen ... etc

Subject: There is a strain of E. coli that is unable to make its own amino acid alanine. I am answering practice questions at the end of the chapter to get ready for a test. This is a senario given that if I allow this bacterial strain to grow in medium containing alanine and then plate 10 to the 6th power cells on a petri

General Microbiology (Bacteria, Energy Production, DNA etc.)

A number of multiple choice Microbio questions. Examples: #1 Compare and contrast carbohydrate catabolism and energy production in the following bacteria: a. Pseudomonas, an aerobic chemoheterotroph b. Spirulina, an oxygenic photoautotroph c. Ectothiorhodospira, an anoxygenic photoautotroph #2 The bacterial enzyme str

Botulism in a Hospital

40-year-old man admitted into Hospital. He has a splitting headache, his legs were unsteady, and his vision was blurred. During the examination, it was obvious that something was wrong wit his throat. The throat was not sore, but it felt stiff and tight, and it was almost impossible for him to speak. Over the next 7 days, 28

Need help with the questions below

1) What are three reasons one might a situation in which bacterial colonies are found on the first section of a streak plate, but not on sections two and three? 2) How would one determine which colonies might be contaminants on a streak plate?

Diluting bacterial cultures.

You have a bacterial culture with a concentration of 3.4 x 10^9 cells/ml. If you dilute the culture 10^-8, what would be the final concentration? If you then plate 1 ml of the culture, how many colonies would you expect?

Discussing Vaccine Types

What kind of vaccine (live, dead, whole, viral protein, etc) would be the best for a virus that causes a mild disease in individuals with a heavy cytolytic response and severe to individuals who produced a primarily antibody response? Ideas are generated.