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    Why do streptococcus bacteria grow slowly?

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    I would like to know why streptococcus bacteria grow slowly. I know that they use anearobic respiration and produce small amounts of ATP as a result. Most of the energy goes into the end product, lactic acid, and this probably accounts for some of their slow growth. But I am not sure that this is the complete explanation. I would appreciate clarification on this and more information on what they need to grow. Do they ever grow fast? If so what would it take for them to grow fast. I appreciate your help, the above information was all the text had and I am wanting to answer the critical thinking questions at the end of the chapter. This is not an assigned problem, just want the information for my own understanding because I am a nursing student.

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    Yes streptococci are anaerobes even when grown in air. They can not make cytochrome and as a ...

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