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Microbiology of hands

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Which microorganisms are present on hands? Why hand washing is necessary?

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The present solution deals with microbiology of hand. It discusses about the microorganisms present on hand and then deals with the problem of hand hygiene.

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A typical person's hand can carry 10,000 to 10 million bacteria, some resident and some transient.

The microbial flora of the skin, first described in 1938, consist of transient and resident microorganisms.

1. Resident flora attached to deeper layers of the skin are more resistant to removal and less likely to be associated with such infections.
Resident microflora- staphylococci (gram positive), propionobacterium acnes (anaerobic).

2. Transient flora, which colonize the superficial layers of the skin, are easier to remove by routine handwashing. They are often acquired by ...

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