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Vaccines for Mild Diseases and, Cytoltic and Antibody Responses

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What kind of vaccine (live, dead, whole, viral protein, etc) would be the best for a virus that causes a mild disease in individuals with a heavy cytolytic response and severe to individuals who produced a primarily antibody response? Ideas are generated.

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Vaccine types are emphasized.

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The object of your viral vaccine should be to induce a strong cytolytic response. Your goal should be to induce a strong cell-mediated response as oppose to the humoral (antibody response). The primary mediators of a cell-mediated response are the antigen-specific T cells (or cytotoxic T cells - CTLs). This is exactly the kind of vaccine researchers are currently trying to develop for HIV.

Although antibodies have an important role in containing the spread of a virus in the acute phases of infection, they are not usually able to eliminate the virus once infection has occurred - particularly if the virus is capable of entering the latent state. Once the infection is established cell-mediated immune mechanisms are the most important host defense.

Dead viral proteins tend to induce primarily an antibody response (see below). I will quickly go over the main types of vaccination possible which will hopefully set you in the right direction.

Whole vaccine: Whole virus vaccines can either be attenuated (avirulent) viruses or inactivated (killed) viruses. As you will see from my comparison below, the attenuated offers the ...

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