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    indiginous foodborn viral diseases

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    Explain which of the BELOW foodborne diseases are considered not indigenous to the U.S. & why? Note that the question asks about disease, not agent that causes the disease.

    A Caliciviruses -- Noroviruses and Sapoviruses

    B Hepatitis A Virus

    C Hepatitis E Virus

    D Group A Rotavirus


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    Disease caused by the following viruses are NOT indiginous (endemic) in the USA:

    Hepatitis E virus - This virus is spread by the fecal-oral route and is prevalent in areas with poor sanitation. Disease occurs in developing countries, and the only cases seen in the USA are generally seen in individuals who traveled from these countries.

    Prions - human spongiform encephalopathy is thought to result from the transfer of prions from infected cattle to humans when the meat is eaten. Despite the large number of cattle ...

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    This solution addresses which foodborne viral diseases are considered to be endemic in the USA, and why.