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    Example of a viral disease - pathogenesis and treatment

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    Consider one human viral disease you would like to report on. Write a report on your chosen human viral disease. The report should include the following factors relative to the disease and should be written with APA style; causative agent, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, prevention, and treatment.

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    I have chosen poliovirus because it is a well-understood disease in terms of both the epidemiology and disease process.

    Poliomyelitis was once one of the most feared diseases, stoked mostly by our poor understanding what caused the disease and how it spread. In modern times the incidence of disease is very well controlled in developed countries, and it is an excellent example of the triumph of public health and vaccination over an horrific disease.

    causative agent
    The disease poliomyelitis is caused by poliovirus, a virus in the picornavirus family. The virus is a non-enveloped single stranded RNA virus with a positive sense genome, and the virion consist of an icosahedral capsid comprised of multiple copies of four different viral proteins. It is stable in the environment, allowing the virus to survive in sewage-contaminated water, which is the main route of transmission.

    Poliomyelitis is a rare outcome of poliovirus infection, occurring in approximately 1% of all cases. Virus is shed in the feces from infected individuals and can enter into the water supply under conditions of poor sanitation. Contaminated water is ingested and the virus infects lymphoid cells in the gut, where it ...

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    The solution gives a detailed example of poliovirus as a viral disease of humans. It includes a discussion of the causative agent, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention.