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    Disease Process, Treatment, and Nursing Care

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    Part 1 Disease Process: Create a scenario involving providing care for a patient with a specific pathology of any organ system.

    - Include a brief past and present health history, family and social history.
    - Relate the patient's history to risk factors and pathogenesis of the disease.

    Part 2 Disease Treatment and Nursing Care: Include in your post the following information related to the disease process and patient scenario you created:

    - Describe possible treatment measures
    - Formulate potential goals of management

    About 1 paragraph for each part please.

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    An African-American patient within my healthcare facility was admitted due to the fact that this individual has a weakened heart due to severe alcohol and cocaine abuse over a 20 year period. This individual's heart pumps less volumes of blood per contraction due to this weakened state, which causes the individual to suffer a great deal of fatigue. This individual's father and older brother have also ...

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