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    Microbiology Questions on competency, lysogeny & dilution

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    1. Define natural competency?
    2. What is a serial dilution?
    3 True or False. You can use plaque assay to determine the number of a lysogenic phage?
    4. Can a spectrophotometer be used to measure viable counts of bacteria in culture?
    5. Is transmittance or absorbance directly related to the concentration particles present in a solution?
    6. Add 1 ml sample to 9 ml diluent → 1:10 (1/10, or 10-1or -1) dilution
    Add 1 ml sample to 99ml diluent → 1:100(1/100, or10-2 or -2) dilution
    Add 0.1ml to 0.9 ml diluent → ? dilution
    (use the 1st two examples as a guide to do the 3rd one).

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    1. Natural competency of an organism is the competency developed depending on the physiological state of a cell. E.coli is not naturally competent. Bacillus is naturally competent.

    Two examples of induction of natural competency
    (1) Competence based on cell density
    (2) Competence based on poor ...

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