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    Immune System

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    Immunology experiment telling what types of molecules

    An experiment that used syngeneic mice that had been immunized with ovalbumin. Experimental group: Dendritic cells were fed ovalbumin four hours prior to mixing splenic CD3+ and CD4+ mixed together (control group splenic CD3+ and CD4+ only). An hour after the cells had been mixed together they were lysed and immunoprecipitati

    Identification of Disorder in Child Suffering Low Ig Count

    A): Specify the child's problem in immunologic terms, and tell how it explains his symptoms. B). Speculate BRIEFLY on the underlying mechanism of the child's disease, AND its likely mode of transmission. C). What would you do to treat this child? What potential problems do you foresee with your treatment? See attach

    Immunology of Dizygotic Twins

    Professor Owen made an astute observation: In outbred cattle, dizygotic twins that share the same placenta occur occasionally. Indeed, if one examines peripheral blood samples from such twin pairs, each has blood cells derived from the other, indicating a shared circulatory systems in utero. Surprisingly, even though they are no


    See attached file for full problem description. Table 1: Affinities of tg ARS antibodies It is possible to make transgenic (tg) mice whose B cells ___________________________________ express a tg heavy chain gene. An investigator recently Antibody Ka did an intriguing experiment to probe the basis for ___________________


    What is a theory (somatic mutation model) supposed to accomplish? What is the purpose of competing theories? When can you discard a theory? What constitutes "success?" These are obviously philosophical questions, and scientific philosophers have puzzled over them quite a bit. So my challenge to you this week is to address those

    Immunology Response Progress

    As humoral responses progress, the average affinity of the antibodies produced rises, in a process known as "affinity maturation." This seems at odds with at least one aspect of the clonal selection hypothesis, since the notion of "clonal integrity" implies that the progeny of an activated lymphocyte retain the specificity the o


    1. A researcher purified mu heavy chains from two inbred* strains, called C3H and A/J. She immunized mice from each strain with the other's mu chains, yielding C3H anti-A/J mu and A/J anti-C3H mu. She tested each antiserum against normal serum immunoglobulins from the sources shown: Precipitate with serum from: Antiserum C


    Here is a problem: Go to this or other histology links you might find: http://www.bio.davidson.edu/courses/Immunology/Bio307.html These all have either cartoons and/or histology sections of all the important primary and secondary lymphoid organs that we talked about. Click through their sections, readings, and animation

    Antibiotics in Animal Feed

    The use of antibiotics in animals is a very controversial issue. Do you feel that it is a bad idea to use antibiotics in animal feed or do you feel that the public is overreacting? Discuss the opposing view also. Choose a side and defend it.

    Secondary immune responses

    Please confirm that I have chosen the correct answers. 29. The ability to mount an efficient secondary antibody response depends on a. Memory T and B cells b. High concentrations of IgA antibody c. Cross-linking of IgM antibodies d. All of the above are correct I choose answer (d) 32. A natural

    Antibody production and self vs non-self

    Suppose a scientist wants to make antiserum specific for IgG. They inject a RABBIT with purified MOUSE IgG and get an antiserum thats reacts with MOUSE IgG and other mouse isotopes. Why did this happen? How can she make antiserum specific for RABBIT IgG?

    Survival in Phagocytes

    Describes the various mechanisms employed by pathogens to escape destruction by phagocytes, citing examples.

    Flu - vomiting - blood pH

    While visiting your family, you come down with a severe case of stomach flu. You begin vomiting and continue vomiting for more than a day, unable to keep any food or fluids down. How would you expect your condition to affect your blood pH and why would this change occur? How would it affect your urine pH and why would this chang