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    Secondary immune responses

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    Please confirm that I have chosen the correct answers.

    29. The ability to mount an efficient secondary antibody response depends on
    a. Memory T and B cells
    b. High concentrations of IgA antibody
    c. Cross-linking of IgM antibodies
    d. All of the above are correct

    I choose answer (d)

    32. A natural barrier to the intestine is provided by the extremely alkaline environment of the stomach contents. (Does the alkalinity of the stomach provide a natural defense against disease?)
    a. True
    b. False

    My choice is False since the stomach is acidic.

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    For 29, you have chosen the incorrect answer. The correct answer is A. A secondary response relies on the presence of previously activated B and/or T ...

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    Discusses 2 multiple choice questions on the immune system. One relates the immunological memory, the other to the stomach as part of the immune system.