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    Student's t-Test

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    Independent sample t test: Times required by sprinters

    Two groups of ten sprinters run 100 meters. The times required by sprinters in the first group are as follows: 13.7 14.2 13.2 11.3 12.6 10.0 10.1 14.1 13.8 13.2 The times required by sprinters in the second group are as follows: 17.3 10.6 14.0 15.9 15.1 13.4 18.9 17.2 17.6 10.1 Assuming that = 0.05, test

    One Sample Hypothesis Test

    Why do the houses without a pool sell at a higher price than the houses with a pool? From here we develop the supporting information of houses without a pool are closer to the city limits and are larger in size. Need help with the five-step hypothesis test on data and a summary of five step hypothesis test


    Question 3 Identify the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, test statistic, P-value, conclusion about the null hypothesis, and final conclusion that addresses the original claim Various temperature measurements are recorded at different times for a particular city. the mean of 20 degrees celcius is obtained for 40 tempe

    Hypothesis Testing

    The MBA department is concerned that dual degree students may be receiving lower grades than the regular MBA students. Two independent random samples have been selected 150 observations from population 1 (dual degree students) and 150 from population 2 (MBA students). The sample means obtained are X1(bar)=79 and X2(bar)=82. It i

    The answer to Hypothesis Testing: Independent sample t test

    Construct the Two Sample chart using excel, with the data provided? Chapter 11, problem 47 - The city of Laguna Beach operates two public parking lots. The one on Ocean Drive can accommodate up to 125 cars and the one on Rio Rancho can accommodate up to 130 cars. City planners are considering both increasing the size of th

    Statistics: Study of perceptual illusions under two different lighting conditions

    A psychologist conducts a study of perceptual illusions under two different lighting conditions. Twenty participants were each tested under both of the two different conditions. The experimenter reported: "The mean number of effective illusions was 6.72 under the bright conditions and 6.85 under the dimly lit conditions, a diffe

    Independent sample t test in SPSS.

    2. SPSS computation and Interpretation (T-test): Use the "2009FinalExamData1_OnlineSurveyResponses.sav" file. This data set consists of 96 MBA students' perception/attitude toward social media usage. You should find the variable definition by clicking the SPSS "Variable View" for details. A researcher (let's call this indivi

    Independent sample t test-Lung Damage

    The purpose of the present study conducted by Eidelman et al. (1991) was to identify the nature of lung destruction in cigarette smokers before the development of marked emphysema. Three destructive index measurements were made on the lungs of lifelong nonsmokers and smokers who died suddenly outside the hospital of nonrespiato

    Statistical Measures: Location and Variability Whitewater Trucking

    Please see the attached file. You must show your work and use SPSS if applicable. The Whitewater Trucking Company delivers freight in and about Southeast Wisconsin. The number of tons of freight Whitewater Trucking Company has delivered the past 24 days is shown in the following table. a. Please summarize the data using the

    Math Problem

    Hello. I have finished all of my homework except for this one question. I need step-by-step solutions for this problem, so that I can do the other questions like this in future homework assignments. A machine is designed to fill jars with 16 ounces of coffee. A consumer suspects that the machine is not filling the jars comple

    Statistics Problems

    Hello. I am doing my homework assignment and I cannot figure out and understand how to solve some of the problems. I have answered the questions that I am able to, but I cannot answer the other ones no matter how hard I have tried. Can you PLEASE include step-by-step instuctions on how to solve the problems. If I get behind with

    Compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies

    The president of the American Insurance Institute wants to compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies. He selects a sample of 15 families, some with only a single insured driver, others with several teenage drivers, and pays each family a stipend to contact the two companies and ask for a pric

    Statistics: Is a significant decrease in the absences after the fitness program?

    Robyn is the Vice President for Human Resources for a large manufacturing company. In recent years she has noticed an increase in absenteeism that she thinks is related to the general health of the employees. Four years ago, in an attempt to improve the situation, she began a fitness program in which employees exercise during

    Normal Distribution

    D. A restaurant that delivers pizza wants to be sure that the delivery times remain consistent regardless of whether they have 1 or 2 delivery drivers working. Use a 0.10 significance level to determine whether or not the mean delivery times for the two different levels of staffing are essentially the same. You may assume the

    Calculation of Test Statistic for Paired T Test

    Ketsia is the fitness coordinator at the local youth center. She has found a program that proports to help teens lose weight if they complete the course. A random sample of five recent participants showed that the following weights before and after completing the course. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude that the pa

    One Sample T-Test: Mean

    One eight Friday quizzes, Bob received scores of 80, 85,95,92,89,84,90,92. He tells Prof. Hardtack that he is really a 90+ performer but this sample just happened to fall below his true performance level. Using the appropriate statistical test can you say that from this data Bob does not perform at a 90 level? a. State the null

    Explaining a T-Test

    Attached you will see a set of variables from a control group and an experimental group. The attachment has calculations such as mean, mode, median, standard deviation etc. There were also t-tests performed. What I need help on is explaining what the results mean in a short paragraph.

    T test for Whitner Autoplex Data Set

    The null hypothesis is that the mean price paid by younger customers (µ1) will not be as high as the price paid by older customers (µ2). The alternative hypothesis is that younger customers spend more on average than their older counterparts. Do a two sample test. 1. Perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data.

    Statistics - T-distribution

    A) Consider a t distribution with 10 degrees of freedom. Compute P(t lesser than or equal to 1.36). Round your answer to at least three decimal places. P(t lesser than or equal to 1.36) = b) Consider a t distribution with 9 degrees of freedom. Find the value of c such that P(-c lesser than t lesser than c)=0.95 . Round y

    Statistics: What Should the Experimenter Prove?

    Twenty students randomly assigned to an experimental group receive an instructional program; 30 in a control group do not. After 6 months, both groups are tested on their knowledge. The experimental group has a mean of 38 on the test (with an estimated population standard deviation of 3); the control group has a mean of 35 (with

    Z table

    The amount of time a bank teller spends with each customer is normally distributed with a mean of 3.10 minutes and a standard deviation of 0.40 minutes. (Use the z table) If a random sample of 16 customers is selected from the bank, what is the probability that the average time spent per customer will be at least 3 minutes?

    Hypothesis Testing

    Using the large database of survey responses from the data set, complete the following: Perform hypothesis testing on one variable's data. (Choose either the intrinsic or extrinsic column.) Perform a t-test by formulating a null and an alternative statement, choosing an acceptable significance value, determining the appropri

    Paired t test

    Mitigating barriers to black employment through affirmative action regulations: a case study Ward Thomas The review of black political economy Winter 2000 Affirmative action regulation as a public policy to mitigate racial inequality in the labor market has been under political attack in recent years. During the 1980's, th

    One and two-tailed tests

    Imagine that research shows the average age of people who buy lottery tickets to be 70 with a standard deviation of 12. A sample of 30 individuals from Hawaii is selected and their ages are recorded as shown below. At a = 0.05 is there enough evidence to state that the average age of ticket buyers is the same in Hawaii as it is

    Hypothesis Testing: Paper Coupon Example

    There is uneasiness that the users of paper coupons are different from the users of e-coupons (coupons disseminated by means of the Internet). One survey recorded the age of each person who redeemed a coupon along with the type (either electronic or paper). The sample of 35 e-coupon users had a mean age of 33.6 years with a stan