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    Hypothesis Testing of Mean

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    Hello. I have finished all of my homework except for this one question. I need step-by-step solutions for this problem, so that I can do the other questions like this in future homework assignments.

    A machine is designed to fill jars with 16 ounces of coffee. A consumer suspects that the machine is not filling the jars completely. A sample of 8 jars has a mean of 15.6 ounces and a standard deviation of 0.3 ounce. Is there enough evidence to support the consumer's conjecture at a = 0.05?
    (1) First, identify the alternative and the null hypotheses.
    (2) Secondly, calculate the critical value and d.f.
    (3) Next, use the appropriate formula.
    (4) Finally, decide whether or not to reject the null hypothesis.

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