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    The answer to Hypothesis Testing: Independent sample t test

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    Construct the Two Sample chart using excel, with the data provided?

    Chapter 11, problem 47 - The city of Laguna Beach operates two public parking lots. The one on Ocean Drive can accommodate up to 125 cars and the one on Rio Rancho can accommodate up to 130 cars. City planners are considering both increasing the size of the lots and changing the fee structure. To begin, the Planning Office would like some information on the number of cars in the lots at various times of the day. A junior planner officer is assigned the task of visiting the two lots at random times of the day and evening and counting the number of cars in the lots. The study lasted over a period of one month. Below is the number of cars in the lots for 25 visits of the Ocean Drive lot and 28 visits of the Rio Rancho lot.
    89 115 93 79 113 77 51 75 118 105 106 91 54
    63 121 53 81 115 67 53 69 95 121 88 64
    Rio Rancho
    128 110 81 126 82 114 93 40 94 45 84 71 74
    92 66 69 100 114 113 107 62 77 80 107 90 129 105 124
    Is it reasonable to conclude that there is a difference in the mean number of cars in the two lots? Use a two sample t-test to do the comparison at the .05 significance level.

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