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    Hypothesis Testing: Independent t test

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    D. A restaurant that delivers pizza wants to be sure that the delivery times remain consistent regardless of whether they have 1 or 2 delivery drivers working. Use a 0.10 significance level to determine whether or not the mean delivery times for the two different levels of staffing are essentially the same. You may assume the populations are normally distributed and that the samples are independent.

    1 Driver 2 Drivers
    n1 = 28 n2 = 41
    x-bar1 = 19.2 x-bar2 = 23.7
    s1 = 5.38 s2 = 5.89

    You will be asked to identify each of the following.
    16. The justification for normality in this situation.
    17. The null and alternative hypotheses appropriate for this test. (To match my answer you will need to take 1 - 2.)
    18. The calculated value of the test statistic. (To match my answer you will need to take 1 - 2.)
    19. The critical-value needed for this test.
    20. The decision reached by this test.

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