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Student's t-Test

Exercise 31 t- Test for Dependent Groups

The t-test for dependent groups is a parametric analysis technique used to determine statistical differences between two related samples or groups. Groups are dependent or related because they were matched as part of the design to ensure similarities between the two groups and thus reduce the effect of extraneous variables. For

Conduct a dependent t test

A veterinary nutritionist developed a diet for overweight dogs. The total volume of food consumed remains the same, but one-half of the dog food is replaced with a low-calorie "filler" such as canned green beans. Six overweight dogs were randomly selected from her practice and were put on this program. Their initial weights wer

Hypothesis Test for Equal Variances

For the attached spreadsheet assume equal variances for the two populations. A) Test the null hypothesis that the average length of service for males is the same as for females. B) Test the null hypothesis that the average length of service for individuals without prior call center experience is the same as those with experi

Comparison of two means - the t-test

One of the most commonly used statistical techniques is the comparison of two means, also known as the t-test (for this you need quantitative, or interval level data). If you used the same data to compare means with equal sample sizes, how would the results compare if you used the paired sample, independent sample equal varianc

Independent Sample T-Test For Eating Speed

Billie wishes to test the hypothesis that overweight individuals tend to eat faster than normal-weight individuals. To test this hypothesis, she has two assistants sit in a McDonald's restaurant and identify individuals who order the Big Mac special for lunch. The Big Mackers as they become known are then classified by the ass


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Any conclusion drawn for the t-test statistical process is only as good as the research question asked and the null hypothesis formulated. T-tests are only used for two sample groups, either on a pre post-test basis or between two samples (independent or dependent). The t-test is optimized to deal with small sample numbers which

Suggest one psychological research question.

Suggest one psychological research question that could be answered by each of the following types of statistical test: * z test * t test for independent samples, and t test for dependent samples

independent t test for battery life span

Compare the lives of generic batteries to the lives of brand name batteries using the given data. Battery Number Life of the Battery (in hours) Battery Type 1 194.0 Brand Name 2 205.5 Brand Name 3 199.2 Brand Name 4 172.4 Brand Name 5 184.0 Brand Name 6 169.5 Brand Name 7 190.7 Generic 8 203.5 Generic 9 203.5 Gener

The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) reported that in 2009 the average number of new jobs created per county was 450. The department also provided the following information regarding a sample of 5 counties in 2010.

The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) reported that in 2009 the average number of new jobs created per county was 450. The department also provided the following information regarding a sample of 5 counties in 2010. County New Jobs Created In 2010 Bradley 410 Rhea 480 Marion 407 Grundy 428

Hypothesis Tests

If you live in California, the decision to buy earthquake insurance is an important one. A survey revealed that only 133 of 337 randomly selected residences in one California county were protected by earthquake insurance. Calculate the appropriate test statistic to test the hypotheses that at least 40% buy the insurance. (round

SPSS-Project for Appropriate Analysis

Hi there Martin! How are you today?? Here is the part of the assignment I will need your help with this week. Following, you will find the exact assignment instructions: 1. Choose and calculate the appropriate analysis to compare the anxiety levels of those participants using the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatme

SPSS-T-tests projects

Hi Martin! Thanks for your help last week on the project in PPt; I completed each slide as I needed, according to the Prof's instructions. This week, I will need some help with t-tests in the SPSS, and the seperate doc in Word to interpret the results. The following is the exact assignment, and what I will need help with

Dependent Test

A nutritionist heard on the radio an amazing new diet drink that if taken at bedtime you will lose weight as you're sleeping. To top it off you can eat anything you want because the diet fuel will burn it off. She thought it was another one of those false claims that would rip-off dieters and wanted to prove them wrong. She

Stats Questions on t-tests

1. Why do you use N-1 rather than just N when calculating the standard deviation as estimated from a sample? How does the t-statistic differ from the z-statistic? When would you use a single-sample t-test? 2. What is an independent-sample test? How does it differ from a single-sample t-test and a paired-sample test?Why do yo

Questions about multiple regression. Y is related to R and S in a non-linear way: Y = a * R^b * S^c. How is the equation transformed? How many degrees of freedom? What is the critical t-value?

In Microsoft Excel, please respond to all questions and math problems in the following problem. See Attachment. Please show Microsoft Excel formula(s) work. ------------------------- Problem 1: Twenty-six observations 1. Suppose Y is related to R and S in the following nonlinear way: Y = aRbSc a. In order to estimate t

Thirty Data Points

Problem 1: Thirty Data Points 1. Thirty data points on Y and X are employed to estimate the parameters in the linear relation Y = a + bX. The computer output from the regression analysis is DEPENDENT VARIABLE: Y R-SQUARE F-RATIO P-VALUE ON F OBSERVATIONS: 30 0.3301

Independent sample t test..

A real estate agent claims that there is no difference between the mean household incomes of two neighborhoods. The mean income of 12 randomly selected households from the first neighborhood was $35750 with a sample standard deviation of $1900. In the second neighborhood, 10 randomly selected households had a mean income of $342

Calculation of Testing of Hypothesis

You have noticed that more primary children are becoming obese and physical fitness has been terminated in the elementary schools. To provide evidence that reducing physical activity in the schools results in increased weight gain, you study 16 randomly selected non-obese children for 8-weeks. The following data are the weig

The Cigarette Advertisment Case

Recall that the cigarette industry requires that models in cigarette ads must appear to be at least 25 years old. Also recall that a sample of 50 people is randomly selected at a shopping mall. Each person in the sample is shown a typical cigarette ad and is asked to estimate the age of the model in the ad. a: Let mu be th

Hypothesis Testing: Paired T Test & One Sample T Test

See attached file for proper format of the chart. Thirteen randomly selected volunteer A,B,...,M are administered a pill designed to lower systolic blood pressure with the following results. Volunteer A B C D E F G H I J K L M Before 115 135 140 130 135 150 122 135 138 190 180 99 110 After 120 128 142 112 111 150 110 135

I need assistance, please

Please help with these question. Any help is appreciated 1. For the following, which type of t-test is required? A) Studying the effects of a memory drug on Alzheimer's patients, testing a group of patients before and after administration of the drug. B) Studying whether men and women rate the persuasiveness of an argument d

Hypothesis Testing: Conducting a T Test

Please help with the following problems. Provide step by step calculations. A new weight watching company, FatZilla, advertises that those who join their program average at least a 10 pound weight loss during the first two weeks, with a standard deviation of 2.8 pounds. A random sample of 49 people who joined the program fin

Raw Data Tables: One Sample T Test

This solution helps to include a raw data tables and the results of the computations of the z-test or t-test using graphical and tabular methods of displaying data and results below. One-Sample Hypothesis Research Question: MLB Advanced Media, L.P. indicated that Major League Baseball had approximately a mean of 81 wins pe

Independent Samples T Test with SPSS

See attachments for the data sets. The assignment: Craft a paper in which you do the following: o State the statistical assumptions for this test. o Using the data set you have selected, select independent and dependent variables. o Develop the null and the alternative hypothesis. o Use the SPSS to calculate an indep

Hypothesis Testing: Test Statistics T Test

See attached files for tables. 6) In order to test the effects of replacing the bearings on different machines, ten different machines are chose. The number of parts produced in the hour before replacing the bearings and the number of parts produced in the hour after replacing the bearings is recorded. (Chart is on attachment

Statistics: Working with Random Samples of Patients

You work at a major regional hospital and you are concerned about waiting times in the emergency room. This file contains data on some random samples of patients. Use the data to answer the following questions. Problem 1: Column A contains wait times (in minutes) from arrival to triage from a sample of 100 patien

Hypothesis Testing: Independent sample t-test..

See attached file for proper format. Please solve the exercise below in Excel and show your work (and formulas) 3. Test H0: μ1 ≤ μ2; H1: μ1 > μ2 at α = 0.05, when 1 = 75, 2 = 72, s1 = 3.3, s2 = 2.1, n1= 6, n2= 6. Assume equal variances. Indicate which test you are performing; show the hypot