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    Conduct a dependent t test

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    A veterinary nutritionist developed a diet for overweight dogs. The total volume of food consumed remains the same, but one-half of the dog food is replaced with a low-calorie "filler" such as canned green beans. Six overweight dogs were randomly selected from her practice and were put on this program. Their initial weights were recorded, an then they were weighed again after 4 weeks. At the 0.05 level of significance can it be concluded that the dogs lost weight?

    Before 42 53 48 65 40 52
    After 39 45 40 58 42 47

    Assume that all variables are normally or approximately normally distributed and:
    1. state the hypotheses
    2. find the critical value(s)
    3. compute the test value
    4. make the decision
    5. summarize the results

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    The null hypothesis: the diet does not help the overweight dogs to lose weight. In mathematical terms, the mean difference between after and before the diet: µ>=0.
    The alternative hypothesis: the diet helps the ...

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