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    Real World Examples of Z and T-Tests for Stats Students

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    Explain and give an example of: z-tests, t-tests, single sample t-tests, a dependent sample t-test, or an independent sample t-test.

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    To begin, z-tests are usually done for large samples (n greater than 30). The purpose is to determine whether there is a difference between a sample compared to an entire population. To perform a z test, the standard deviation of the population is usually known.


    A rental car company claims the mean time to rent a car on their website is 60 seconds with a standard deviation of 30 seconds. A random sample 36 customers attempted to rent a car on the website. The mean time to rent was 75 seconds. Is this enough evidence to contradict the company's claim?

    Since we have an n value of 36 in the above example with a known population standard deviation and we are aiming to find a ...

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