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    Quantitative Methods

    The time between arrivals of cars at the Petroco Service Station is defined by thw following probability distribution. Time Between Arrivals 9min) Probability 1 .15 2 .30

    Problems related to probability calculations based on discrete distributions

    23. The 2002 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey showed a total of 59,324 rent-controlled housing units and 236,263 rent-stabilized units built in 1947 or later. For these rental units, the probability distributions for the number of persons living in the unit are given. Number of persons Rent-Controlled

    Quantitative Methods

    The Dynaco Manufacturing Company produces a product in a process consisting of operations of five machines. The probability distribution of machines that will break down in a week follows. Machine Breakdowns Probability per week 0

    Quantitative Methods for guessing a flat tire

    Four students riding to school together offer the excuse of a flat tire on their car for missing a test. On the makeup test, the professor asks the students to each identify the tire that went flat. If they really didn't have a flat tire and randomly select one that supposedly went flat is the probability that they all select

    Quantitative Methods

    The Dynaco Manufacturing Company produces a product in a process consisting of operations of five machines. The probability distribution of machines that will break down in a week follows. Machine Breakdowns Probability per week 0

    Statistics Questions: Probabilities based on Poisson distributions

    1. The mean life of a computer disk drive is 2,000 hours. The standard deviation is 140 hours. Assuming the life-time of the drives to be normally distributed, find the probability of a disk drive lasting more than 1,800 hours. a. .4236 b. .9236 c. .8472 d. .5764 e. .2118 f. None of the above


    The heights of 18 year old men are approximately normally distributed with mean 68 inches and a SD of 3 inches. A. What is the probability that an 18 year old selected at random is between 67 and 69 inches tall? B. If a random sample of 9 18 year olds men is selected, what is the probability the the mean hight x is be

    Probability and Discrete Random Variable

    1. Let A and B be two events. Suppose that P(A) = 0.2, P(B) = 0.5 and P(B|A) = 0.6. What is the probability of A or B or both occurring? 2. Let A and B be two events. Suppose that P(A) = 0.2, P(B) = 0.5 and P(B|A) = 0.5. What is the probability of A occurring given that B occurs? 3. A common problem facing many old

    Probability (Continuous Random Variables)

    1. Suppose that a variable x has the following distribution function: f(x) = 0.0800x for x between 0 and 5.0 What is the population mean? 2. Suppose that a variable x has the following distribution function: f(x) = 0.3200x for x between 0 and 2.5 What is the population variance? 3. Suppose that a variable x has the fo

    Quantitative Analysis

    Given a normal distribution with ? = 100 and ? = 10, what is the probability that: a. X > 75? b. X < 70? c. X > 112? d. 75 < X < 85? e. X < 80 or X > 110? f. 10% of the values are less than what X value? g. 80% of the values are between what two X values (symmetrically distributed around the mean)? h. 70% of the value

    Binomial Distribution

    I need to show all work such as formula commands. Label the following variables as discrete or continuous and explain why it is so, then verify at least one of the other postings. a. The number of new accounts established by a salesperson in a year. b. The time between customer arrivals to a bank ATM c. The number of

    Quantitative Methods and Decision Trees

    Kroft Food products is attempting to decide if it should introduce a new line of salad dressings called Special Choices. The company can test-market the salad dressings in selected geographic areas or bypass the test market and introduce the market and introduce the product nationally. The cost of the test market is $150,000. I

    standard deviation of cruise ship destinations

    I know that each cruise (trip) is 1000 customers, with a standard deviation of 100. But how do I compute the percentages of cruises that take between 950 and 1025. 2. The five percent of cruises that represent the fewest number of passengers take on what number of passengers of less?

    Binomial Probability for Nicorette Tests

    Use the data from a test of Nicorette the table as follows: Mouth or throat soreness No mouth or throat soreness Nicorette 43 109 Placebo 35 118 If two different subjects are randomly selected with replacement, find the probability that they are both from the placebo group. Sow the work.

    Quantitative Methods

    Employees in the textile industry can be segmented as follows. Employees Number Female and union 12,000 Female and Nonunion 25,000 Male and union 21,000 Male and nonunion 42,0

    Quantitative Analysis - Shopping Preferences

    Please see the attached file for full description. A sample of 500 respondents was selected in a large metropolitan area to determine various information concerning consumer behavior. The following contingency table was obtained:

    Manufacturing plant quality control process

    The quality control process at a manufacturing plant requires that each lot of finished units be sampled for defective items. Twenty units from each lot are inspected. If five or more defective units are found, the lot is rejected. If a lot is known to contain 10% defective items, what is the probability that the lot will be rej

    Prepare a report for the customer that presents the expected value in points of each throw of the darts, and then present a graphic representation of at least three plans.

    A game company that manufactures a dart game that dispenses tickets has been asked to put a business plan together for a customer who wishes to buy the game. The dart game gives 5 tickets for a score of 50, 4 tickets for a score of 40, 3 tickets for a score of 30, 2 tickets for a score of 20, 1 ticket for a score of 10, and no

    Probability of Solving a Crime

    80% of all crime is never solved. If a city has repeated crime, but not by the same criminals, and the cops are investigating 6 crime scenes: A. What is the probability that none of the crimes will be solved? B. What is the probability that at least one crime will be solved? C. What is the expected number of crimes that will

    Probability for Six Extraverts

    I am doing a problem similar to this one. Please explain step by step? It is reported that 45% of all college professors are extraverted. Suppose you have classes with six different professors. A. What is the probability that all six are extraverts? B. What is the probability that one of your professors is an extravert?

    Histogram & Binomial Distribution

    The quality control inspector of a production plant will reject a batch of syringes if two or more defective syringes are found in a random sample of eight syringes taken from the batch. Suppose the batch contains 1% defective syringes. a. Make a histogram showing the probabilities of r =0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 defective syri

    Standard deviation and probability.

    In 1851 there were 25,466 nurses in Great Britain. Age Range Yrs 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 Midpoint X 24.5 34.5 44.5 54.5 64.5 74.5 84.5 Percent of Nurses 5.7 9.7 19.5 29.2 25.0 9.1 1.8 I have three parts to this question that is similar to one I am working on, Please detail how you do this: 1) Find t

    Multiplication Rule

    Could you please explain these thoroughly. You toss a pair of dice. Compute P 8,3. Compute C 8,3. Permutation rule This a similar to a question I am working on: In the Cash Now lottery game there are 10 finalists who submitted entry tickets on time. From these 10 tickets three grand prize winners will be drawn. Th

    Summary of Blood Groups using Statistical Methods

    GROUP O A B AB TYPE Rh+ 39 35 8 4 Rh- 6 5 2 1 Blood Groups and Types. If one person is randomly selected, find P (group B or type Rh+) Using the table, which summarizes blood groups and Rh for 100 typical people. Please help with t

    Statistics - Probability - Normal Distribution

    Question : The mean systolic blood pressure of young adults is 120 with a standard deviation of 15, Find the probability that a random sample of 100 young adults will have a mean systolic blood pressure: a) less than 118 b) between 116 and 123 c) greater than 125

    Statistics - Normal distribution, finding probabilities

    Question : During the past season, the number of points scored per game by the local pro basketball team was approximately normally distributed with mean =115 and standard deviation =12 (a) In what percent of their games did they score more than 115 points? (b) If they played 120 games in approximately how many did they s

    Statistics- Normal Distribution, Probabilities, proportions

    At a local high school, 1,000 juniors and seniors recently took an aptitude test. The results of the exam were normally distributed with a mean of 250 and a standard deviation of 15. Find a)% of students scoring less than 225 b)number of students that scored less than 180 c)probability of a student selected at random having

    Probabilities with Joint Distribution

    Using the joint distribution for two RVs X and Y given by F_XY(x,y) = u(x)u(y)[l-e^(-ax)-e^(-ay)+e^(-a(x+y))] and assuming a = 0.5 in each case, find the probabilities: a) P {X </= 1, y </= 2} B) P {0.5 < X < 1.5} C) P {-1.5 < X </= 2, 1 < Y /= 3}

    Stats Mulyiple choice questions and machine breakdowns

    (1) There are 20 questions in a multiple choice test. Each question has five choices and one correct answer of these five choices. A student did not study. He/she answers the questions at random. What are the probability that he/she makes...more than 10 answers right?exactly eight right?at most 7 right? (2)A can company repor