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probability of male or female enjoying shopping

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A sample of 500 respondents was selected in a large metropolitan area to determine various information concerning consumer behavior. The following contingency table was obtained:
Enjoys Shopping For Clothing Male Female Total
Yes 136 224 360
No 104 36 140
Total 240 260 500

a. Suppose the respondent chosen is a female. What, then, is the probability that she does not enjoy shopping for clothing?
b. Suppose the respondent chosen enjoys shopping for clothing. What is the probability that the individual is a male?
c. Are enjoying shopping for clothing and the gender of the individual statistically independent? Explain.


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a. In other words, what is the probability that a subject does not enjoy shopping for ...

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The solution is comprised of finding the probability of male or female enjoying shopping using the data from the contingency table. It further explains whether the gender and enjoying shopping are statistically independent or not.