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Finding probabilities from a given data set

Please answer the following probabilities from the data set below using Excel. Also please add them to the chart, Thanks.


? What is the gender distribution (% females and % males)?
? What is the "tenure with company" distribution by gender?
? What % of the survey participants are in each department?
? What is the mean overall satisfaction by gender?
? If we choose a person at random from this database:
o What is the probability that this person will be between 22 and 49 years old?
o What is the probability that their overall job satisfaction is 4.7 or lower?
o What is the probability that this person will be a male in the information technology department?
o What is the probability that this person will be an hourly employee whose intrinsic satisfaction is 6 or more?

For the mean overall by gender, compute the mean of overall for each gender.
. Include all pertinent info in one document to be read. But you can submit additional information such as an Excel spreadsheet but will only be looked at if I don't understand something and may not be looked at all.. Let's say that I go to a very large shopping mall and take a random sample of 29 cars from the parking lot. Provide all of the at random probabilities. Include the following summary table.
Count Probability
1) Male Dist.
Female Dist.
2) M Tenure< 2
2<M Tenure<5
M Tenure>5
F Tenure< 2
2<F Tenure<5
F Tenure>5
3) HR
4) Male Mean
Female Mean
Count Probability
5) between 22 and 49
4.7 or lower
Male in IT
Hourly Int>=6


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