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Probability of a Metal Sheet Being Flawed

Flaws in the plating of large sheets of metal occur at random on the average of 1 in a section of area 10 sq ft. What is the prob that a sheet 5 by 8 ft will have no flaws? At most one flaw?

Poisson distribution of telephone calls

Telephone calls are being produced through a certain exchange at random times on the average of 4 per min. Determine the probability in a 15 second interval there are 3 or more calls.

Probability of Approximating Real Numbers with Rationals

We want to show that a real number, chosen at random from the interval [0,1], can be approximated to within 1/(n²) by rational numbers of the form k/n. To do this we consider for ?>0 the event A(n)= {|X - k/n| < n^(-2-?) for one k = 0,1,...,n} Determine the probability that only finitely

Help understanding statistics problem

Cruise ships of the Royal Viking line report that 80 percent of their rooms are occupied during September. For a cruise ship having 800 rooms, what is the probability that 665 or more are occupied in September?

Conditional Probability and Independence

I am having trouble on knowing where to start on this problem. I need help concerning where to plug in the numbers and how to find the solution. See attached file. Concerning the events A and B, the following probabilities are given. P (B) = ¼ P (A/B) = ½ P (A/B') = 1/3 Determine {a}


Consider a comp. that selects employees of ramdom data drug test. the comp. uses a computer to select randomly employees # that range from 1 thru 6873. probability of selecting a # < 500.

Data Collection in Business and Marketing

What are examples from the workplace related to how data are collected and displayed to facilitate the determination of probability in the resolution of business-related and marketing problems?

Probability Distribution for the Random Variable X

1)34% of people in the US have type A-positive blood. Five people are randomly selected and asked if their blood type is A-positive. Construct a probability distribution for the random variable x. Find the probabilities P(0), p(1), P(2), P(3), P(4), and P(5). Round to the nearest thousandth. 2) 95% of people in the US have

Binomial probability: left-handed people

1) Thirteen percent of people are left handed. You randomly select 8 persons and ask if they are left-handed. Find the probability that (a) exactly 6 persons are left handed, (b0 at least 6 persons are left handed, (c) less than 6 are left handed. a) P(exactly 6 of 8 are left handed) Round to four decimal places. b) P(at l

Mean Games Played by a Winning Team

In a 8-team double-elimination tournament, the winning team may play 4,5,6 or 7 games. Based on the results of a large number of such tournaments, there is a probability of 0.1335 of winning in4 game, 0.3355 of winning in 5, 0.34757 of winning in 6, and 0.1853 of winning 7 games. Find the mean of games played by the winning o

Find the Missing Probability

In the following probability distribution, a sociologist surveyed the households in a small town. The random variable x represents number of dependent children in the household. x 0 1 2 3 4 P(x) 0.08 0.19 0.37 ? 0.17 Determine the missing probability in this distribution. Round to the nearest hundredth.

Probability of Winning a Lottery Prize

In a state lottery, you must select 5 numbers out of 60 correctly to win top prize. You purchase one lottery ticket. What is the probability of winning top prize?

Randomly Selected Probabilities

The table shows the results of a survey in which 180 family were asked if they own a home and if they will be purchasing a new vehicle this year. byuing a new car this year yes no total own yes 54 11 65 a no 69 46 115 home total 123 57 180 1) Find the probability that a rand

Card Trick Probabilities

A card is selected at random from a standard deck. Find each probability P(randomly selecting a diamond or a 6) P(randomly selecting a red suit or queen) P(randomly selecting a 2 or a face card) Please explain the work I really do not understand the formula or how to solve this. Thank you

Simple STAT Questions

If 70 percent or more of the old bricks in a brickyard meet certain standards, it will be profitable to hire persons to sort the bricks. According to past experience with this brickyard, on average 70% of all the old bricks meet these standards. A random sample of 100 old bricks is taken from all the (many, many) bricks in the

Graphical representation, Probability Distribution, Confidence Interval

1. Albert Abbasi, VP of Operations at Ingleside International Bank (IIB), is evaluating the service level provided to walk-in customers. Accordingly, his staff prepared the following distribution of waiting time for walk-in customers. Waiting Time Number of Customers (in minutes) 0-under 2 120 2-under 4 40 4-und

Happy Valley Machine Works Company

1. The Happy Valley Machine Works Company loses a shipment of its machines due to an error by one of its three executives (Harry, Sam and Mabel), but it cannot tell with certainty which executive was responsible for the error. On the basis of past performance, it is known that the probability that Harry would make such a mistake

Normal Probabilities

The time taken to cycle into College on any day is an independent random variable, which is normally distributed with mean 20 minutes and standard deviation 4 minutes. The time taken to cycle home is an independent random variable, which is normally distributed with mean 15 minutes and standard deviation 3 minutes. The total tim

Probability...Simple Random Sample

19 of 3078 counties in a population are missing the value for a variable. What is the probability that a simple random sample of size 300 would have no missing data for that variable. I have a formula for probability that is [(N-n)!n!]/N! but I don't think that is the formula to use in this case. Any help is greatly app

Probability in the resolution of marketing problems

Name a workplace example that show how data collection and representation facilitate probability in the resolution of marketing-related or business problems? Outside of gambling, what wide-spread activities are governed by the binomial probability distribution? Are the results of these activities gathered and analyzed or are

To determine probability using probability tree

The Senate consists off 100 senators, of whom 34 are Republicans and 66 are Democrats. A bill to increase defense appropriations is before the Senate. Thirty-five percent of the Democrats and 70% of the Republicans favor the bill. The bill needs a simple majority to pass. Using a probability tree, determine the probability t

Probability of smokers: hospital case

A large research hospital has accumulated statistical data on its patients for an extended period of time. Researchers have determined that patients who are smokers have an 18% chance of contracting a serious illness such as heart disease, cancer, or emphysema, whereas there is only a .06 probability that a non smoker will cont

Shopping Probability Problem

Each Saturday a shopper visits one of three possible stores. She goes to Store A with probability ½, to Store B with probability ¼, and to Store C with probability ¼. If she goes to Store A there is a 60% chance that she will make a purchase. The corresponding figures for Stores B and C are 20% and 40% respectively. (i) What

Probability Problems: Normal distribution, Binomial distribution.

A)The mean of a normal distribution is 400 pounds. The standard deviation is 10 pounds. a) what is the area between 415 pounds and the mean of 400 pounds? b) what is the area between the mean and 395 pounds? c) what is the probability of selecting a value at random and discovering that it has a value of less than 395 pounds?

Distribution for Sales Product

Please explain the steps in details so I can understand how the answers are derived: A retail store experiences the following probability distribution for sales of a product. Sales (units) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Probability 0.08 0.12 0.28 0.24 0.14 0.10 0.04 a .Set up intervals of random numbers that can be used

What is the probability?

A) The Ludlow Wildcats baseball team, a minor league team in the Cleveland Indians orgainzation, plays 70 precent of their games at night and 30 percent during the day. The team wins 50 percent of their night games and 90 percent of their day games. According to today's newspaper, they won yesterday. What is the probability

Statistical Probability Calculations

Please contribute your analysis and comment. Credit card companies have aggressively solicited new accounts from students who are new homeowners. Suppose that a sample of 150 new homeowners indicated the following information as to whether they possessed a Visa Card or an American Express Card.