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    Online math applications

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    Using a favorite Internet search source, conduct a general online Internet search for "math applications" in a chosen field of interest (for example, "math applications sports" or "math applications computers"). Your search should initiate several websites related to this topic.

    Visit several of these websites and browse their content. After visiting several websites, discuss your findings with the rest of the class. How does math apply to your chosen field of interest? Be sure to cite at least one website that you visited.

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    The chosen field of interest is math applications actuaries.

    Actuaries evaluate the likelihood of events and quantify the contingent outcomes in order to minimize losses, both emotional and financial, associated with uncertain undesirable events. Simply put, actuarial science is doing/applying math in business. This field is mostly needed in the insurance industry as it pertains to life, health, pensions, annuities, social welfare programs, property, casualty, and other general insurance. In addition to being an expert in math in order to become an actuary, actuaries are also using economics, finance, probability, statistics, and business in assessing the risk of certain events occurring in order to minimize the cost of that risk.

    To be successful in the actuarial career, you are required to pass a rigorous series of exams, which usually takes several years. In some countries, such as France, most study takes place in a university setting. In others, such as the U.S. and the UK, most study takes place during employment. After spending many hours on researching for university that offers actuarial degrees online, I could not come up with a single one. This may be a sign ...

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    This provides examples of various online math applications.