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    Manipulatives and Reinforcement in Math

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    1. Why is the use of manipulatives important in teaching all math concepts?

    2. How would you integrate mathematical concepts with a reinforcement activity?

    250-275 words each question?

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    1. Why is the use of manipulatives important in teaching all math concepts?

    The use of manipulatives serves a variety of purposes and helps the teacher reach quite a few different learning styles and special needs. Manipulatives can be used when introducing a concept to help both visual and kinesthetic learners gain a deeper understanding of the material presented orally. It also serves to provide an instantaneous repetition of topics. Manipulatives sometimes serve to provide a real-life model for mathematical skills. They can also help breach the language barrier when working with students of limited English proficiency. Special needs students benefit from having material presented in a variety of ways, and can use manipulatives as an aid in practicing and working with mathematical skills until they are able to perform the skills ...

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    This explores why manipulatives are important in math, and also how to integrate teaching and reinforcement.