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    World Religion Traditions 2

    1. How does contemporary Judaism reflect both historic tradition and the modern world? 2.Discuss a Biblical and/or historical Jew who made an important contribution to Jewish history. What was that person's influence and how did he or she change the course of world events? 3.How has the history of Judaism influenced the Je

    Covenant versus Contract

    Can we really distinguish between covenant and contract? Is there one significant difference, or can we call the agreement between God and the Israelites a contract? Explain.


    Jewish Practices and Rituals

    Judaism Presentation

    Create a PowerPoint Presentation geared toward teaching a younger person (9-14) about Judaism. Your presentation must contain at least 10 slides and include speaker's notes that describe what you would say if you were actually presenting it to an audience.Your presentation should cover each of these topic 1. Relationship with

    Summary: Contemporary Judaism

    Pick one of the contemporary branches of Judaism or Islam and write a summary that: 1. Identifies its origin. 2. Compares and contrasts the branch with its mainline tradition.

    Offering Types Explored

    Using Leviticus chapter 7, what is the peace offering? Explain the three different types of peace from God.

    Judaism Pres.

    A. List a timeline for the historical development of the Jewish faith through the present day. B. List Jewish rituals, practices, key beliefs, and holy days. C. List issues for Jews today and tomorrow.

    History of Judaism

    How has the history of Judaism influenced the Jewish people's understanding of themselves? What do you think are the most important events in their history? Why?

    Judaism Presentation

    I need to compile a presentation geared toward teaching a younger person (age 9-14) about Judaism. I need to cover these main points: 1. Relationship with God/Torah 2. History of Key Sacred Texts 3. Ten Commandments 4. Jerusalem 5. The Nation of Israel 6. Different Sects of Judaism 7. The Holocaust 8. & 9. Sacred P


    I need help getting started. I am a teacher of Judaism. My students range from ages 9 to 14. My job is to teach Judaism to these children on the following topics: Relationship with God/Torah Old Testament History Ten Commandments Jerusalem The Nation of Israel Different Sects of Judaism The Holocaust Sacred Pract

    Tenets of Judaism

    What are the major tenets or basic doctrinal teachings of Judiasm, based on the six points of the Star of David? Briefly explain each.

    Jewish History

    So many people had problems with the Jewish religion over the years, while at the same time I have always heard them referred to as the chosen people - where did these problems start?

    United and Divided Monarchy

    Please explain in several paragraphs in very simple, easy to understand language the history of the United and Divided Monarchy (rulers, dates, and all significant events).

    Achievements of Saul, David, and Solomon & the United Monarchy

    Please explain: (a) the significant achievements (and type of leadership) carried out by Saul, David and Solomon and (b) explain to us in easy to understand terms the "united monarchy" in terms of a political and religious continuum. Sure want to thank you!

    Wars between the Jews and Romans: the War of 66-70 CE

    Could you summarize the event leading up to the Rebellion and War against Romans by the Jews in 66 BC and then discuss the main points about the Wars between the Jews and Romans: the War of 66-70 CE? What role did the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots play in this war(s)? How do the walls of Jerusalem fit in? An articl

    Hellenism and the Hellenistic Influence

    What is meant by the Hellenistic influence? Does it refer to the influence of Greece or what? Could you give me the dates and a summary of this period. Thanks.

    Jonah and Micah's Years of Life

    I'm having trouble with dates...every source seems different...do I have this correct? Jonah=7th Century BC Micah=8th Century BC If anyone has the exact dates of their life that would be appreciated, too.

    Explaination of Shame

    Our study group was told to understand the concept of shame in the Book of Psalms: well, we have found a number of verses like Psalms 83,14.6; 22.6 (5); 25.2, 3, 20; 31.2 (1), 18 (17); 37.19; 44.16 (15); 69.7 (6), 20 (19); 71.1; 89.46 (45); 119.6, 31, 46, 80, 116; 127.5 but outside of the verses themselves that we found, we have