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Offering types explored

Using Leviticus chapter 7, what is the peace offering? Explain the three different types of peace from God.

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We need to contrast the peace offering with the burnt offering or the grain offering in order to see its essential form. Leviticus 1 outlines the basics of the burnt offering, a whole [clean] animal offering that is offered to YHWH on the altar. None of it is spared but is given to Him as a sweet-smelling savour. (It's like a nice-smelling barbeque for YHWH.) This means that the burnt offering represents the life of the offeror, wholly offered to Elohim in service. It signifies that man is willing to serve his Creator in every way possible, nothing being held back.

The grain offering in chapter two signifies something similar, yet different. Here, instead of offering an animal, bread is offered up. Now, since bread is the fruit of man's labour, we learn that the grain offering represents offering up to YHWH the fruit of our labour. Again, since bread is man's food, we also see in this offering, a desire and willingness to serve our fellow man with our lives, our labour.

Therefore, in the burnt offering, we see man serving his Elohim; in the grain offering, we see man serving man.

This is nice for it fits the pattern of the two greatest commandments ...

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Offering types are noted and discussed.