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Cognitive Psychology Theories and Theorists

Albert Bandura

Discuss the contributions that Albert Bandura made to the field of learning and cognition

"Theory and Theories"

Identify two key theories in psychology. Identify the theorist(s) and sources of the theories (key articles or books) in psychology. Describe the basic tenets of these theories. Analyze the relationship between the two theories that you have found. (John Bowlby and Erik Erikson theories) Explain why th

Intelligence Testing and Cut-off Scores

Use the Virginia v. Atkins ruling in which the Supreme Court has determined that it is unconstitutional to execute an individual who has an intellectual disability. In its decision the court stipulated that one criterion is an IQ score below 70. Consider the use of this "cut-off" score in formulating this type of decision. Remem

The differences between psychodynamic and humanistic psychological theories

Compare and contrast psychodynamic and humanistic/existential psychological theories. Address the following: Describe the role of personality in affecting situational behavior. Examine the personality characteristics attributed to each theory in your approach. Explain the interpersonal relational aspects associated with the

Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation

Is there a way to increase interest in learning technologies from the perspective of a technophobic online student and teacher when dealing with online education ?

Skinner's pros and cons

This posting briefly outlines both the strengths and limitations of Skinner's theory. 500 words of notes and references are delivered.

Co-parenting conflict resolution

This solution briefly locates an article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking. In the analysis, it describes the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking. 700 words of notes and a reference are provided.

Child abuse interventions

This posting briefly discusses the implications of one's strategy in terms of intervention and prevention. 500 words of notes and article references are integrated.

Technology Communication Enhancements

Identify the benefits that are not quantifiable for mobile collaboration when implementing technology-assisted learning and communications solutions or organizational change and why are these factors important in analyzing the potential use of a technology for a learning or communications solution?

Motivation and Online Learning

How do you self-motivate to excel, rather than be mediocre, in an online learning environment when performance is all on you? Do you think it is different when in a traditional classroom setting?

GAP Review: United Way of America

- Create a comparative table (services, policies, clientele, etc.). - Include values, mission, and vision. - Explain the gap in services that exists in the organization. - Outline a strategic plan that is beyond the scope of the organization's current strategic plan. - Identify four to five strategic goals of the organizatio

Program Evaluation & Application

Provide brief description of a human services organization. 1. explain one specific purpose for conducting a program evaluation in that organization. 2. Describe the program evaluation 3. Evaluate the program evaluation, indicating strengths and limitations 4. Explain whether the program evaluation you selected is r

The Holistic-Dynamic Theory

What are the assumptions and the applications of the Holistic-Dynamic Theory? How reliable and valid is the theory?

Improved Cognitive abilities and technology

Technology used as part of learning or a communications solution elicits reactions from the stakeholders. One contemporary learning solution based on theories of cognition that has been featured on the Internet is Lumosity (www.lumosity.com). After reviewing this learning application and a research article on it, discuss how psy

Counseling with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Some clients can be quite challenging no matter what theory you think might work optimally. Now considering the premises of the CBT theory, how would you approach the following case? Trying to help a client sort out distorted thinking can be a straight forward process when the client is open and willing to change their thinki

"What About Bob'" - the Five Factor Model and Carl Jung

Explain how Carl Jung and the Five Factor model theories can explains the personality of Bob Wilder (the character in the movie What About Bob). Explain how the selected character's behavior might be interpreted differently, depending on which theoretical approach is used. Explain which each chosen theorist or theory would

Lifespan Development - Heredity and Environment

Need help with 700 words explaining the life span perspective of development. - Explain the life span perspective of development. - Summarize two theories of life span development. - Explain how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences A minimum of 3 references is required.

Five Factor Model

Is the five-factor model too reductionistic? Provide reasons in your response. Discuss the role of nature and nurture in an individual with borderline personality disorder who experiences regular episodes of clinical depression.

Motivation and Change in the Workplace

How does motivation, collaboration, learning, and cognition theory, provide for a solution for the following scenario: Your organization is moving its call center agents (50 employees) from one side of the building to the other side of the building and you are in charge of the move. Your role is to oversee the construction,


Sally is a 23-year-old woman who has a severe phobia of dogs. She has had this phobia since she had a negative experience with dogs when she was in the second grade. She now goes out of her way to avoid dogs and places that dogs may be. This causes her to experience anxiety when she meets someone new and is invited to an unfamil

Cognitive Development throughout the Lifetime

The purpose of this paper is to understand how cognitive processes develop from childhood through old age, and how children's/elderly individuals' cognitive processes differ from that of adults. Choose an area of cognition(e.g., memory, language, cognitive mapping, attention). Based on the area you selected, and utilizing at lea

The era, life history, and personality of Carl Rogers.

I need help with writing this paper on Carl Roger Research articles from the last 15 years that investigate client- centered and humanistic Please provide a summary of each article That explains roger's views of human nature and worldviews as expressed in this theory. Which aspect of his theory do you think would be di