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Physics: Calculate a planet's interior gravity field.

Assume a spherical, uniform planet with mass M and a radius R. a) Develop a relationship which will the give the gravity field of a planet at any point beneath its surface which is distance r from the center. b) Use the mass and radius of the earth to find the earth's field at a point halfway to the surface.

Basic Thermal....Other Problems that are basic.

1.A space vehicle returning to Earth is fist slowed by its motors to a speed of 450m/s and then is slowed further to 100m/s by air resistance in the atmosphere. Its average heat capacity is 0.60kJ/kg-Cdegrees. Find the increase in its temperature on the assumption that 70% of the heat produced is absorbed by the vehicle and th

Velocity and acceleration

On another planet, Jim throws a ball directly up into the air. The velocity of this ball is a linear function of t. He finds that the velocity of the ball at 1 second is 44 meters/second. At 4 seconds, it is -49 meters/second. a.) Find v(t), the velocity of the ball at time t seconds. b.) Find a(t), the acceleration of t