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Physics: Conversion and Distance Calculations

1. Suppose my car engine has a displacement of 350 cubic inches. I wish to compare this with a European car which has a displacement of 1.7 liters. Convert 350 cubic inches to liters.

2. Suppose an astronaut on an alien planet drops a hammer and finds that it falls a total distance of 6.0 yards in 2.0 seconds.
a. How far will the hammer fall in a total of 4.0 seconds?
b. How much time does it take the hammer to drop the first 1.5 yards. (This is 1/4 of the distance it falls in 2.0 seconds.)

3. A bicycle rider is riding on level ground when he stops pedaling and coasts to a stop. Just before he quits pedaling, he is traveling at 9.0 m/s. It takes a time of 6.0 s for him to come to a stop. Determine how far the bike travels after the rider quits pedaling.

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1. 1 cubic inch = 0.0163871 liter
Therefore, 350 cubic inch = 5.735 liter

2. s = ...

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