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    Physics in Space: Conservation of Momentum

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    An astronaut performs maintenance work outside her spaceship when the tether connecting her to the spaceship breaks. The astronaut finds herself at rest relative to the spaceship, at a distance x1 from it. To get back to the ship, she decides to sacrifice her favorite wrench and hurls it directly away from the spaceship at a speed v relative to the spaceship. What is the distance x2 between the spaceship and the wrench by the time the astronaut reaches the spaceship?
    The mass of the astronaut is ma; the mass of the wrench is mw ....

    **Please see attachment for further questions and diagram

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    Answer: ABE

    Because, in the option A, in numerator and denominator the mass units are equal ...

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    The solution provides calculations for physics problems related to an astronaut performing maintenance work outside of a spaceship. The distance between a hurled wrench and the spaceship is calculated.