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    Conservation of Momentum in Two and Three Dimension Collision

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    Two pendulums are hung adjacent to each other. Bob 1 has a mass m, and bob 2 has a mass 2m. Bob 1 is pulled aside until the support string makes an angle of 45 degrees with the vertical direction and then released. When the bobs bollide, the stick together. What is the maximum angle made by the support strings with respect to the vertical after the collision?

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    For string length L, initial angle 45 degrees when mass m is released at rest.
    Physics note 1. From release to just before impact: m descends distance (L - L cos 45) transforming PE lost into KE gain.

    Step 1. For velocity Vb of m just before impact, we write:
    (1) m g L (1 - cos 45) = .5 m Vb^2

    Step 2. ...

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    This solution includes eight steps of calculations determining conservation of momentum in two and three dimension collision.