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    Physics Lab experiment on Static Equilibrium

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    Physics Lab experiment on Static Equilibrium: Laboratory data for this experiment has been provided. Do the data analysis and final conclusions. Draw the diagrams and show all equations used to understand. Also do questions at the end of the lab manual please.

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    1. Wbar = 745 g = 0.745 kg

    5. Hanging weight m = 1001 g = 1.001 kg
    Length of the bar, d = 297.6 cm


    7. Torque with respect to the left end, (clock wise)

    Wbar (d/2) g + m (d/4)g - F2 d = ...

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    A complete Lab report is written for the Physics Lab, 'Static Equilibrium'. This report contains diagrams illustrating various forces acting on a beam balanced at its mid point. Lab data is analyzed and calculations are done clearly showing every step of the calculations. End of Lab questions are answered as well. This is a 3-page word document.