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Newton's Third Law: To make a balloon in a jet balloon lab make a return trip

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I take principles of Physics and for the last two days I have been trying to do a lab where I have to develop a design with 6 yards of strings conected to two poles and pulled taught, as many balloons as necessary, straws, tape, and paper clips. The set up of the lab is a string stretched taught across the room in the first lab the balloon is attached to a straw with tape and the string is threaded through the straw. The balloon is inflated but not tied. When the balloon and the string are ready, the neck of the balloon is released and the balloon shoots across from pole A to pole B. That part of the experiment has already been determined.

The experiment is extended in that the next step is to make the balloon to go from point A to pole B and back to pole A. I have been trying to determine how to design the balloon to coincide with Newton's Third Law. The rules state that you may not touch the balloon once it leaves pole A; you may attach as many balloons as necessary: the materials include string, paper clips, balloons, straws, and tape.

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Here are 3 ideas you might find interesting:

1. Attach a second inflated balloon that will be facing the opposite direction. When the two balloons reach pole B, a sharp object like a paper ...

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