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    Design of a cylindrical, pressurized water tank

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    You are assigned the design of a cylindrical, pressurized water tank for a future colony on Mars, where the acceleration due to gravity is 3.71 meters per second per second. The pressure at the surface of the water will be 105 kPa, and the depth of the water will be 13.9 m. The pressure of the air in the building outside the tank will be 90.0 kPa.

    1. Find the net downward force on the tank's flat bottom, of area 1.75 m^2, exerted by the water and air inside the tank and the air outside the tank. Express your answer numerically in Newtons, to three significant figures.

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    The total net pressure acting on the bottom of the tank will be the sum of:
    Total pressure = Water pressure + ...

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