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Calculus: work and force

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1) A right triangular plate of base 8.0 m and height 4.0 m is submerged vertically, find the force on one side of the plate. (W = 9800N/m^3)?

2) The cable of a bridge can be described by the equation y = 0.06x^(3/2) from x = 0 to x = 200 ft. find the length of the cable?

3) A conical tank is resting on its apex. The height of the tank is 10 ft, and the radius of its top is 7 ft. the tank is full of gasoline weighing 45 lb/ft. how much work will it take to pump the gasoline to the top? Give your answer to the nearest ft . lb?

4) a tank truck hauls oil in a 12-ft- diameter horizontal right circular cylindrical tank. If the density of the oil is 60 lb/ft^3, how much farce does the oil exert on each end of the tank when the tank is half full?

5)a rectangular sea aquarium observation window is 16.0 ft wide and 4.00 ft high. What is the force on this window if the upper edge is 5.00 ft below the surface of the water? The density of sea water is 64.0 lb/ft^3.

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Solution Summary

There are five calculus problems here: the force on one side of the plate, the length of the cable, work pumping gasoline, force of oil at a given density, and force on a window below water level

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