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Explaining Calculus

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What is calculus and how does it work? Are there different types of calculus and how do they differ?

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This solution discusses the question: What is calculus and how does it work? An explanation of different types of Calculus is also provided.

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1. What is calculus and how does it work?

Calculus is a branch of mathematics.

Interestingly, Calculus was created in large part by Newton and Leibniz, although some of the ideas were already used by Fermat and even Archimedes.

Calculus is divided into two parts, which are closely related. One part is called "differential calculus" and the other part is called "integral calculus".

1. Integral Calculus

Integral calculus is concerned with area and volume. How do you determine the area of a circle or the volume of a sphere? How much paint do you need to color in a circle? How much water do you need to fill up a ball? Integral calculus explains one way of computing such things.

The basic idea of integral calculus is this: the simplest shape whose area we can compute is the rectangle. The area is the length of the rectangle multiplied by ...

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