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    Description of Business Calculus - Limit of Population

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    Complete the following problem explaining
    -all the formulas used and why those formulas were used
    -a clear explanation of all steps
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    -explain manipulation used to solve the problem
    -use proper punctuation, and complete sentences

    The population for a rural region is increasing due to the construction of a new industrial plant. The population is given by P(t)=100?t+280 where t is measured in the months with t=0 corresponding to March 1991.

    A). what is the initial population?
    B). what is the population after 2 months?
    C). Calculate the limit for the population as the end of 1991 approached?

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    P(t) = 100t + 280

    (A). The initial population is P(0)

    P(0) = 100(0) + 280 = ...

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